Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama and Wii: Symbols of Change

Hopefully you didn't perform a Danny Thomas spit-take after reading the above title to this story. If you did, just stick with me for a little bit. This following short editorial explains some of the striking similarities between the US' newest elected president, Barack Obama, and the little console that could, the Nintendo Wii-- as ridiculous as that sounds and is. Of course, this is more for fun than to be taken deathly serious as politics and video games are two different ideas usually. Also, I'm going to be speaking in general terms, so when you read "Obama supporters" or "Wii haters", I realize that not EVERY supporter shared the same opinion-- just a percentage or majority. Let's start with the similarities:

Both Obama and the Wii have a very vocal and vicious group of haters who troll whenever they get the chance. Obama hecklers stated he had ties to terrorists, was a Muslim (even though that's not a bad thing), and was a devout socialist. By the way, none of that was true and was proven wrong time and time again. Wii haters claim that the Wii has no good games. They'll convienently ignore the good (de Blob, No More Heroes, Boom Blox, etc.) or find trivial complaintst about said games, and immediately bring up the bad (shovelware). They make jokes when people post Wii dominating everyone, "You guys have sales, but we actually have great games to play." Ignorance at its finest, no?

Both those who oppose Obama and the Wii used a buzzword or two to strike fear into the hearts of would-be supporters or opposers. For McCain, it was "socialist" and "Joe the Plumber". For Wii haters, it's "waggle" and "casuals" that they latch onto with their anger that their HD consoles aren't number one.

Hardcore gamers used fear-mongering tactics on others to say that if the Wii won the console race, gaming would be killed. This is much like conservatives who throughout the campaign stated that if Obama was elected president, the United States would go down an even steeper hill to destruction. I'm sure both camps are still wanting to proven correctly, but it's not really looking good for Wii haters or conservatives at this juncture.

Let's not forget Real America. Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, stated that the real America was the small towns with small town values leading many to believe that the big cities were being referred to as fake-- not worthy. Same with Wii. Many who dislike Wii for whatever reason claim that Wii gaming is fake gaming, and real gaming is with the HD consoles. Thankfully, it was clear with Palin that she was mistaken about the "real America". It's pretty clear that "real gaming" is everywhere-- even with the Wii-- no matter how bitter people are over sales, Nintendo's popularity, and the influx of new gamers into the hobby that hardcore gamers only wanted for themselves.

Just like Obama, the Wii presented itself as a vessel for needed change, an idea that's mighty popular with a wide range of people. It's not a bunch of sheep who are clinging to the next big thing like so many Wii haters believe. It's because the Wii is fun. Y'know, fun. Pure fun. Not 8,000,000 polygons, bodies pouring out blood, improved graphical technology, and so forth. It's improved technology for how we play our games. And contrary to popular belief, those who like HD gaming can like the Wii and vice versa. I love having both experiences available to me. I'm rational to know that Wii won't kill hardcore gaming. We're still getting our Zeldas, Gears of Wars, Metal Gears, LittleBigPlanets, et cetera even with our (well, for those few people who Nintendo didn't scare or piss off) Wii Musics (read my review) and whatnot.

Regardless, congrats to both Barack Obama and the Nintendo Wii. One for giving Americans hope, and the other for disrupting the market and rocking the video game world forever. You have your places that cover news 50-50 like CNN, and then you have your places that cover everything with a huge slant (Fox News and the majority of your mainstream gaming sites). Who knew that game journalists could be so afraid of change, too? No matter. Like Fox News, game journalists are starting to become more and more irrelevant with each new passing day, each new passing review, and each new consumer who enters gaming for the first time and says "yes, Wii can".

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Andrex said...

I think you overstepped your bounds a bit.

SuperPhillip said...

I'm no professional who needs to cater to a specific userbase like IGN and the like. I don't have any bounds, really.

I'm sorry if you did not like the article. This was a one time deal anyway, so no worries. :)

Kyle said...

Wow, nice article. I supported Obama so maybe that's why I didn't take offense. But all the similarities are pretty cool.

everyview said...

Very nicely done, superphillip. This really was one of the most intriguing editorials I've read in a long, long time.

Just one thing, what's with your deep seeded hatred of game journalism? That's just something I've noticed about you since I found your site.

Keep up the good work, bro!

SuperPhillip said...

Game journalism is the lowest form of journalism. Paid reviews, biased reviews, games that get 10s just because of hype like GTA IV (most reviewers only got to spend three to five hours with the actual game before reviewing) all the while trolling Wii Music since it's not what they're familiar with (hardly anyone gave the game a fair shake-- sure, Nintendo dropped the ball presenting it, but still), most mainstream sites are focused more on the HD consoles, completely ignoring the DS and Wii even though they're popular, unprofessional writing and prose, fanboy attitudes disguised as honest reporting and reviewing, taking any news off any old blog or forum and using it as fact (see MGS "Triology" from IGN), and I could go on.

My mind is exhausted, but my body is awake.

As for this article, Andrex, let me know what you mean by your comment. I'm sorry if I offended you.

Andrex said...

Well, it is your personal blog, so you can do what you want, but I don't think you should isolate people based on their political views when they came here for gaming information. In addition, the Wii is two years old and the DS is four; making an article about how they're "changing the industry" now seems a little late.

SuperPhillip said...

Well, Wii changed the industry. Past tense. Not "is changing".

I know what you mean about the article, and it started out as a joke. Then it actually seemed actually legitimate.

As I said, I won't be doing political articles in the future. This was a one time deal.

Thanks for anyone who is a deep conservative (not saying you are, Andrex, you are just being fair) for putting up with this entry.

Andrex said...

Well, I don't actually know what I'd classify my views as. I actually don't hate Obama, he could be a very capable president- but we won't know for a while.

I thank you for putting up with my comments.

SuperPhillip said...

Oh, there's nothing I need to put up with from you, Andrex, as your comments are always appreciated. :)

As I said to you on your personal site, I enjoy reading your posts on GAF-- the same with Threi, Count Dookake, a Master Ninja, and several others.


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