Monday, May 16, 2016

Walking with the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead game is an interactive graphic adventure game. It is based on the point and click adventure game format. If you are a huge fan of the same titled television series, you will love this game even more. Full disclosure, I am not a big fan of the TV series, but I still had heaps of fun playing this game.

The game has two seasons, with each season consisting of five episodes. And then there is a weird ‘special episode’, called 400 days that is designed to bridge the two seasons together. This seems like a slightly obtuse format at first, but in the context of there being a year between season releases, in some way it is nice to almost have a refresher of sorts. This year there was a release of a shorter, 3 episode game entitled “Michonne”, and this game focuses on Michonne’s story which until now had been untold. A nice aspect about Michonne is that it is actually a stand-alone game, so if you have not played both seasons of the Walking Dead, you will still be able to play and enjoy Michonne without being left in the dark.

Season three should be released towards the end of 2016, but we still have quite a wait. The excitement levels are high, but we will have to keep ourselves entertained until the new, and highly awaited season is released. I know I will be playing some Royal Vegas online casino games to keep me entertained and having fun until then. There are so many online casino games to choose from, so I really like the variety in choice. There is everything from Poker, Slots, to Roulette and Blackjack.
The plot in season one of the Walking Dead begins with young Clementine finding herself abandoned, as her parents had been travelling before the apocalypse had hit. Lee Everett decides to take her under his wing, and together they join other survivors in the fight against the undead. The choices you make have further consequences down the line, and you constantly have to think about what you say to people, who you help and what you do.

The voice acting in this game is on point, as is the story line and plot. Many games that are modelled after television shows do not fare well for a variety of reasons, but the Walking Dead certainly does not fall into that category! The game has a MetaCritic score of 94 for PlayStation 3. The game received slightly lower scored for other devices: 92 for Xbox 360, and 89 for PC. I personally played the game on a PC, and seeing these higher scores makes me regret not playing on a console instead! However, having said that –the PC game worked well, and I generally do not have any complaints about it. So if you do not have access to an Xbox or PlayStation, I would not worry too much! If you have not played the first two seasons, hurry quickly! You still have a while to catch up before season three comes out.

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