Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016’s most captivating single-player games

Many of 2016’s most high-profile games like Overwatch have tended to focus on the multi-player options. And whilst these may be great fun, sometimes there’s nothing like a single-player to provide the best in gaming entertainment.

So whether you’re into intense combat or challenging casino strategies, here’s a rundown of some of the most captivating single-player games of 2016 so far.

Combat games

Many people were sceptical when iD Software announced that they’d reinvented Doom for 2016. But unlike other comebacks - hello Mass Effect 3 - this year’s Doom was an endlessly violent and engrossing alien-slayer that pushed the boundaries for how much fun you could have as a single-player.

If massive guns weren’t your thing, then Dark Souls III provided nearly as much carnage and beasts to fight with your bows and swords, and proved a fitting end to this hugely enjoyable single-player series.

Strategy games

But it’s not just violence that can serve the solo-gamer as there were plenty of great single-player strategy hits in 2016. In particular Star Trek Timelines finally gave mobile gamers a title worthy of the sci-fi franchise thanks to the way that the role-player allowed you to explore galaxies and command a range of cool spaceships from your smartphone.

Back on Earth it’s traditional table games like poker and blackjack that provided the best single-player thrills with Betway’s online casino games showing us how these games might be some of the oldest games in history, but they’ve lost none of their charm.

And similarly, would could resist the fun that could be had in delivering planet Earth a range of diseases and viruses thanks to the endlessly-popular and thoughtful Plague Inc.

Adventure games

2016 also gave us many great adventure games to test the solitary player. Obviously one of summer’s biggest hits is No Man’s Sky that’s seriously expanded the horizons of what we expect from our adventure games with its procedurally-generated universe that hints at how games are now building themselves so as to better serve the singe-player.

And for those who prefer a little more narrative, then we’d definitely recommend Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which gave a fitting conclusion to the exploits of Nathan Drake. Not only did this have a richly-detailed world to explore as you hunted down Captain Henry Avery’s long-lost treasure, but the improved extra characters like Sam and Sully made you feel like you weren’t even alone in this enthralling single-player!

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