Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NeoGAF - We're Going For GameFAQs' Crown, Baby!

I always used to think that NeoGAF was the predominant forum for intelligent video game discussion. I've never been a member, but I do lurk and get most of news there. Perhaps I was wrong. Unfortunately, if this is the best the industry can do in "intelligent video game discussion", I very much weep for it. The Wii is a popular item to hate upon. It's not viewed as a "core" system, and it's thus not given the time of day by the majority of members. Just read these selected topics and cry. They're just god-awful. It's crap you'd read on GameTrailers or GameFAQs. What is this nonsense from the elite NeoGAF?

Why Sony Is Surpassing Nintendo in Game Development

This is perfectly fine. Purely subjective. However, the sheer content of idiocy that is allowed is disgusting. It's interesting that for a forum with the elitist attitude and their constant jabbing at the quality of GameFAQs' boards that this topic seems ripped straight out of that site's boards. It's fanboys calling out fanboys calling out fanboys, etc. It's saying that Wii owners can only look forward to NPD sales charts because they have no games to play. Unfortunately, for a site that shares anecdotes of "I haven't turned on my Wii since Brawl", it seems that not even NeoGAF is immune to willful ignorance towards the Wii.

IGN Madworld review - 9.0

Do you remember my Wiitriol editorial from last week? NeoGAF is perfect for it. A perfectly fine thread with people excited for Madworld turns into complete crap as trolls take over with their willfully ignorant spewing. Now that a mature "hardcore" Wii game has been given a good score by the enthusiast press, it's no longer good enough. The game needed online leaderboards, co-op, and hell, while we're at it-- it should have been on the HD consoles instead! Thank God this isn't the Killzone 2 official thread, or the mods would have cared to do something. Here's hoping they do someday...

The main point isn't that the majority of users on NeoGAF trash one console specifically over another. The main point is that this site that claims to be the superior board for intelligent discussion is anything but intelligent. The constant derailing of threads pertaining to the Wii is beyond obnoxious and pathetic. The fact that the mods wait to let the fun play out is also beyond obnoxious and pathetic. At least on GameFAQs (a site GAF trolls to death) the moderation staff actually mods people for blatant, ignorant trolling. This is not so on GAF... well, at least when it comes to the Wii. For a site that is supposed to be "in-the-know" regarding the industry, how can most of NeoGAF be so incredibly ignorant and intolerable when it comes to the marketleader this generation? And how can the staff just sit by and let it happen?

One of mods actually joins in all the time. Here's a great one from someone who hides behind his staff position to troll endlessly:
Nope, there's a totally awesome "real" (as opposed to Umbrella Chronicles which is "fake"?) Resident Evil that just came out though. Too bad you're too busy whining about not getting it on Wii to get a job and pay less-than-you-did-for-Wii to get a 360.

Honestly... Wii trolls are without a doubt the most pathetic group of "gamer" this generation. There is no question, and by the logic of many I'm a "fanboy (a word that makes me go back to 2nd grade arguments) for saying such a ridiculous thing. This same person doesn't mind when someone wants to play a game on HD for the great graphics instead of the Wii and its waggle...

I can't think of any group that my article describes so aptly. It comes off as me constantly defending the Wii, but who else will? The only source for decent Wii coverage puts out inflammatory reviews like Wii Music where the person purposefully played horribly. We have a huge vocal minority of whining little man-children who can't help but cry that other people have different tastes as them and act elitist towards VIDEO GAMES. Video games, people. You're acting high and mighty over video games?! Jesus Christ... Why bother even discussing the Wii? So many people have made up their minds and are quick to jump to conclusions. It's honestly embarrassing to me to be associated with this group of people.

And it's really embarrassing to me that there is NO place for intelligent gaming discussion in this industry. NeoGAF, which has multiple people in the industry who post regularly, are no better than GameFAQs or any other site when it comes to console tolerance. Does every site need to have console wars debate? Does every site need such flagrant bias? Does every site allow the basis of discussion to be off fiction? The thing of it is that if you can't turn to NeoGAF for "intelligent gaming discussion" without bashing one console and pretending no one plays it and it has no games, where in the world can you turn to? There really is no decent place for discussion on gaming. Does this mean one has to kiss up 24/7? No, but at least don't come off as a douche which is typical of the man-child mindset. I'm guilty of it, too, when I posted on GoNintendo (whiny, overly negative people there, too). Why try to hold a discussion when no one wants to listen? Just read those GAF posts, and congratulate yourselves on supporting and prolonging the frat boy mentality of the industry from IGN's hyperbole-filled reviews to "Wii don't sell games" from bitter third parties.

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