Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top Casino Games for Your Home Gaming Consoles

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Visiting the casino is always a good time. (Of course, that's if you're of age!) Then again, it's not such a good time if you lose a load of money. Regardless of that, sometimes you'd rather not sit in a loud, smoke-filled lounge with some sweaty tourist sitting next to you on the slots. Now, it's pretty much no secret that for your casino game fix you can hop on your PC, get on the Internet, and find a deluge of casino games at your fingertips. However, have you ever thought about playing casino games on your gaming console? Here are some of the top casino games that you can play on the PlayStation 2, Wii and Xbox 360.

  • PlayStation 2 casino games

If you enjoy slots then you will love Fruit Machine Mania. It includes 6 great slot machine games including some of the old favourites such as Casino Fortune and Sea Treasures. There are lots of bonus features in all of the games – it really is hours of fun.

Do you want to hone your poker skills? If so then Poker Masters is the ideal solution. You take on the role of one of many available players and the game plays five poker versions. You can choose to play just a quick game or play in a tournament with million dollar pots. It will really test and improve your poker skills.

  • Xbox 360 casino games

Golden Royal Blackjack is an excellent casino game crafted for your Xbox 360. It is the perfect way to learn basic strategy without risking any real money, and when you have you can hit the live casino and play with an advantage. It’s great fun to play with your friends too.

The same makers of Golden Royal Blackjack have also come up with an excellent Xbox casino game called Slottso Party. You can play bingo, slot machines, and scratch cards in a fast paced 10 round tournament and the person with the most points at the end is the winner.

  • Wii casino games

Vegas Party is the best selling casino games package for the Wii. Not only can you choose your game, you can also choose your casino. There are seventeen casinos to choose from along with 15 casino games you can play in each of them, it’s the next best thing to visiting Vegas yourself.

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