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Cha-Ching! Memorable Casinos in Video Games

If you have been online for any number of moments, you are probably well aware of the abundance of casino options and casino games available to you. One such notable one is Call of the Colosseum, for instance, wherein you get to play in an atmosphere of one of history's greatest empires.

Call Of the Colosseum

We've previously mentioned casino-like games within popular video games before, but SuperPhillip Central has yet to talk about some of our favorite casino settings in video game history. Well, that is until now. Now, we won't be delving into every casino-related area in every video game, as that list would take forever to compile. Instead, we've got what we consider the absolute best.

The Gold Saucer - Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular installments in the entire Final Fantasy series. For many gamers, particularly those whose first console was a PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII was there introduction to the Final Fantasy franchise and quite possibly the RPG genre as a whole. Final Fantasy VII's Gold Saucer isn't just home to betting on and participating in Chocobo races, as addicting and fun as that can be. No, there's also an entire amusement park, arcade games, and much more. All that combined with a rich and gorgeous atmosphere make the Gold Saucer not just an excellent casino setting but an engaging place to play in.

Serendipity - Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3, 360)

Welcome to Serendipity! While nowhere near as historic or as famous a place with Final Fantasy fans as the Gold Saucer, Serendipity is certainly full of unique charm, special games, and plenty of eye candy to gawk at. Be sure to bring plenty of gil with you, as you may find yourself either breaking the bank or tearing a huge hole in your pockets. 

Serendipity is divided up between various sectors. Some, such as Temptation Plaza, allow for slot machine and card game play, while others are home to Chocobo racing, much like the Gold Saucer of Final Fantasy VII fame. If you want to get really meta about things, you can play a virtual game in Serendipity while you're playing a game in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yes, we just confused ourselves as well!

Casino Night Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (GEN)

The Sonic the Hedgehog series is no stranger to casino settings. One could say that the Blue Blur's a compulsive gambler considering how many times he's ventured into pinball-like settings like Sonic Heroes's Bingo Highway, Sonic Advance's Casino Paradise, among others. However, the most notable and historic casino zone in the Sonic the Hedgehog series is without question Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Casino Night. This zone features multiple pinball tables that allow Sonic to bounce around in. He can even try his luck at the slots, either winning big or losing it all ring-wise.

Fun City - Star Ocean: The Second Story (PS1)

Fun City is an amusement park for the citizens of planet Nede in Star Ocean: The Second Story. It can be accessed for a small 50 Fol fee as soon as Claude and Rena's party is able to take control of Psynards, helpful flying beasts. 

The city is home to a great amount of festivities and notable places such as various shops and an inn. However, what makes Fun City really... er... fun... are the optional contests and games visitors can participate in.

For example, players can bet on bunny races, attempting to determine which numbered bunnies cross the finish line in first and second respectively. There's also an Iron Chef-inspired cooking competition, which proficient cooks can display their culinary skills in. Lastly, there's the arena, where some of the strongest regular enemies within the game are located. Oh, and did we forget to mention that you have to face most of them by yourself without any other party member? 

Celadon City Game Corner - Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow (GB, GBC)

Yes, Pokemon of all games is essentially a gateway into the world of gambling for young children and adults alike. Not that this is a bad thing or anything. The Celadon City Game Corner teaches responsible gambling and knowing when your luck has just about run out. This setting is basically a casino where in-game currency is used to spend coins to be used in the various slot machines. The slot machines aren't the only game in Celadon City's attraction. No, another game is in finding a hot machine that will award great money. This can be used to purchase new Pokemon, which of particular note is the rare Porygon, who can only be found as a prize at the Game Corner.


These are but some of the casino areas in popular video games. We'll have more for you here at SuperPhillip Central in the near future coming right at ya'!

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