Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The 8 Best Mobile Superhero Games

While console and computer games are still very popular (and perhaps even actual arcade games for the hipster community), we are now in a mobile world. Everyone and their uncle has a device in their pocket that allows them to do many things, and games are at the top of most people's lists. While there are quite a few games available, some of the most entertaining ones feature those folks who are ubiquitous when it comes to entertainment these days: superheroes.

Just like you can't go to the movies or put on your TV without running into somebody in a cape or armor, the same is pretty much true for games. So, which ones are worth your time and/or money? Read on.

Marvel: War of Heroes

In this game, you have quite a few characters you have the option of playing, including Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and even Spider-Woman. You can even join with other players online to fight familiar foes.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Even in LEGO form, Marvel characters are just awesome. In this one, you get to play over 90 different guys and gals as you battle all those evildoers in 45 different missions.

Batman: Arkham Origins

If you like Batman, stop what you are doing and get this game. The graphics are amazing and the fights alone are worth the price of admission. And if you're looking for a way to play it on a bigger screen, you probably can't do much better than this price, so long as you have a PC that can handle it.

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Similar to War of Heroes, this game also lets you play with other folks in real-time. On top of that, there are weekly missions that offer special rewards. Speaking of Marvel characters, while it's fun to play in groups, sometimes you just want to play them solo—and this platform has you covered there. There are a variety of games where these characters have a starring role. You can play and win with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, and many more.

Man of Steel

Although a little on the short side, the graphics in this one are great, and the story is captivating. As a superhero, Superman may not be given as much credit as he once was, but this game goes a long way to correcting that.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

A mix between a card battler and a fighting game Injustice features many of the characters found in the console version. There's a lot of action and the graphics are superb, and you can find out more about the on-the-go version here.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

This game is incredibly fun to play and has excellent graphics. According to this piece, it's one of the best superhero gaming experiences on any system. It's hard to disagree.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

Two LEGO games on one best-of list? Yup. Once you start playing this one, it will be hard to stop. While Batman is the star, you'll encounter a variety of other heroes, such as Flash, along with many villains. It's fun, easy to use, and addictive: the best ingredients of any mobile game.

For a few more games that didn't quite make the cut, check out this article.

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