Friday, May 13, 2016

Looking back at some of the Best and Worst Star Trek video games

The following was contributed by Dennis Star.

With the impending release of Star Trek Beyond in July, and even talk of a rebooted Star Trek TV series, the franchise is back in way that would challenge even the original blockbusters of the 70’s & 80’s. However, the problem with having such a large, universal fan base is that companies assume that fans will scoop up whatever it is that they produce – just in order to own it.

This means that quality control has not been at the utmost forefront of many of the Star Trek themed designs, and this is particularly true when it comes to video games. We have encountered some truly horrendous games, but, luckily, we also have those rare gems that deliver on every level.

This is a look at the best and worst of the Star Trek video games:

The Worst

Star Trek Shattered Universe


This Star Trek video game was arguably the worst game to be released of the entire lot. Originally intended for release at the end of 2001 – the game’s makers, Interplay, decided to shelve it for two years due to its financial difficulties. It’s hard to imagine why they picked it up again, dusted it off and tried to make a go of it. Despite trying to improve graphics and game play – the game still fell completely short of many fans’ expectations.

Although the back story of the game is pretty great, everything else about it simply sucked. The graphics on PS2 were nothing better than those found years before it was released, clunky and fuzzy – the visuals had a terrible impact on the game.

The battles are dull and simply holding down a button almost always ensures that you will win. Absolutely no strategy needs to be employed.

The Best

Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity


Despite the fact that this game was produced 20 years ago, it is a long-time favourite of almost every Star Trek fan. Played mostly on PC this game turned into an almost interactive experience, allowing players to use characters which has used the actual actor’s names. 

The game involves a lot of dialogue, adventures through the galaxy, running around after clues and battling to your heart’s content. A truly wonderful Star Trek experience. 

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