Friday, November 8, 2019

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (NSW) "The Next Big Pokémon Adventure" Trailer

The next big Pokemon adventure is but a week away, and that just happens to be the pair of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Speaking of things that are big, a bit of a kerfuffle is occurring among the Pokemon fan community regarding the removal of a plethora of Pokemon from past games, more than what was previously rumored. Does the absence of being able to literally "catch 'em all" in Pokemon Sword and Shield bring down your hype?

New Super Lucky’s Tale (NSW) Launch Trailer

First, there was Lucky's Tale on VR. Then, there was Super Lucky's Tale on Xbox One. Now, there's New Super Lucky's Tale on the Nintendo Switch, an adorable 3D platformer that launches today. At a rate of one new word added to the title per port/incarnation of the game, I worry what will happen if this game gets ported any more times. It'll be quite the mouthful of a title to say! Regardless, take a look at the cute and cuddly world of Lucky with this launch trailer for New Super Lucky's Tale!