Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Much Needed Change for Me

For almost nine years now I've been trying to post regularly each weekday here at SuperPhillip Central. Obviously, if you look at the past few months, I have failed in aiming to reach that goal. I constantly get stressed out about reaching target numbers of posts, target numbers of reviews, reviewing certain games before the end of the month, reviewing review copies in time, and so forth.

That's just the thing. In 2008, SuperPhillip Central was founded as a blog that I could enjoy writing about games. It's no longer that anymore. It's become work to me. Playing games has become work. It's not out of fun -- it's now out of some misplace sense of urgency and necessity to have content out for my readers.

When something that I started for fun becomes turning into work, it gets quite frustrating. I love playing video games, but I don't wish to do it while jeopardizing my fun for the hobby and my enjoyment of writing about them. I shouldn't feel like I have to always routinely update this site out of a duty to myself.

Now, before you get worried, I'm not through with SuperPhillip Central, but I am going into a more subdued schedule. No more will I have to focus on getting an article up on a certain day or having a review done by a specific date and so forth. Things that have become tedious to do like the weekly "SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs" will no longer be a part of my regular routine.

I've worked myself rugged these past few years especially, and really, I get a lot of nice feedback and views from fine folks around the globe. It's a pleasure to share my writing to others, and to know that some people actually care what this random stranger from Missouri has to say about particular games and topics within our shared hobby. It just has gotten to a point where after the 400th article I share to N4G getting people commenting on the article headline without reading the actually article body before sharing their usually uninformed opinion (which reading the article body would have helped them come up with an informed one) or having people just ignore it completely makes wanting to write so often less enticing. Plus, there is that more important aforementioned point of feeling that writing about games has felt more like a duty than a fun hobby.

So, SuperPhillip Central will still be around to celebrate its tenth anniversary this June, but the amount of posts probably won't be as plentiful as it was back when I was really feeling things. Stay tuned, however, because I will always have new reviews, insights, fun articles, and more to share, just on a more sporadic basis. Thank you for reading and continuing to support SuperPhillip Central!