SuperPhillip Central's Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

A lot of the gaming world is currently enamored with Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch, and for good reason--it's a heck of a lot of fun to create your own levels and play others' creations. The community is putting out some really fascinating and enjoyable levels and content thus far, even a week into the game's release.

SuperPhillip Central, too, is getting in on the fun with these custom courses designed by yours truly on behalf of the site. They're structured much like a Super Mario game would be, such as having four levels per world. There's even three big coins hidden per level and multiple secret areas to boost the longevity of these levels, but at the same time, feel free to just play through them at your leisure--whether whizzing through for world record times or at your own pace.

This list of levels will be updated as new ones are completed.

1-1 Green Green Meadows - SC6-VBK-FBG

A beginner course set in a flowery, grassy meadow, Green Green Meadows doesn't have too many instant-death pits in it, save for the home stretch with multiple semisolid platforms serving as small plateau platforms. This course currently has one of the highest completion rates thus far.

1-2 Coin Block Cavern - 15W-WXN-6RF

A cavernous complex crafted between deposits of coin blocks makes up this level. After an introductory series of slopes inside the cavern, make your way through pipes and even gigantic boxes made up of coin blocks!

1-3 Mushroom Heights - PFJ-0RH-BMF

Take to the heights above the Mushroom Kingdom in Mushroom Heights, where there isn't too much in the way of solid ground to save you from a death in a bottomless pit! This first Super Mario World-based level features a helpful Cape Feather item, sky high secrets, and numerous dangers to avoid.

1-4 Bowser's Fiery Fortress - YKQ-1ND-5WF

Enter Bowser's fire-filled castle if you dare! Stocked to the brim with Dry Bones, lava bubbles, and fire bars, this fiery fortress is not too welcoming for Mario. Then again, what else would you expect from one of the Koopa King's own castles?

2-1 Cat Mario's on the Prowl - THJ-GNG-3FF

Out of the frying pan and into more friendly surroundings. Well, not TOO friendly, as there are plenty of ways to perish in this Cat Mario playground. Whether outdoors or underground in an Ant Trooper-infested cave, this level has multiple paths to explore--including one super, secret shortcut!

2-2 Donut Lift Caves - 3LP-1VY-GCG

Step lively in these caves, as you're dealing with donut lifts this time around. When some time has passed and enough pressure has been given to them, these lifts will slowly but surely drop. The danger is low at first with solid ground to drop to, but by the end of the level, you'll be dealing with donut lifts suspended over a bottomless pit.

2-3 Barry Boo's Horror House - RLG-XBS-M7G

Barry Boo can be a bashful little Boo. I mean, why else would he be hiding so deep within his house of horrors? Only those with nerves of steel and a fair bit of brains can find the true path to a showdown with Barry Boo.

2-4 Boom Boom's Sky Deck - 30S-C62-7XF

Take to the skies for a midair flight with Boom Boom's Sky Deck. Explore the innards of a colossal airship as you move through an auto-scrolling area complete with an arsenal of cannons, Bullet Bills, and more. Make it through alive, and you'll find yourself doing battle with Boom Boom on his own private ship. But, wait! Intrepid explorers can actually completely bypass this Boom Boom battle by being bold.

3-1 Sunburnt Sands - C4L-00K-FFF

Welcome to a desert where the sun is figuratively--and literally--a pain! Venture through an old desert town as you escape the wrath of one genuinely angry sun! If the heat doesn't get to you, the Angry Sun certainly will!

3-2 A Cool Dip in the Oasis - MJL-SR0-2GG

Essentially two levels in one--an outdoors desert trek followed by an underwater dive in the desert's oasis, Level 3-2 features plenty of variety, for sure. This level, too, features a shortcut to the end, so look high and low for it to attempt to snag that world record time! 

3-3 Over Sunburnt Skies - WB7-R0Q-D9G

You've explored the hot dunes of the desert and swam through the cool oasis, so why not take a trip to the skies over Sunburnt Sands? That's exactly what you'll do in Level 3-3. Carefully navigate mushroom platforms donning a super useful Propeller Cap as you avoid enemies like Koopa Troopas, Spinies, and yes, the Angry Sun once more. There's a short but sweet shortcut in this level as well.

3-4 Kamek's Perilous Pyramid - RSF-6DD-5YG

Looks like an ordinary pyramid, right? Wrong! It's actually the sorcerer Kamek's hidden desert hideout! Solve the mystery of this puzzling pyramid to do battle against Kamek and escape with your life intact. 

4-1 Land of the Giants - 9CS-H5C-1MG

Is Mario shrinking or have the enemies gotten larger?! World 4 is a giant-themed world, much like it was in Super Mario Bros. 3. However, there's more to this world than just that game style, as you'll see. Use enemies wisely to progress through this level.

4-2 Waltz of the Giant Wigglers - 34N-LTT-PFF

These grassy plains and the nearby underground caves have been infested with giant Wigglers! That's not all bad news, though, as you'll need some of them to get through this level in one piece! Just remember to hold down the jump button to get some extra height on your bounces.

4-3 Catching a Ride in the Skies - 6H7-ML0-BYG

The first level in this series using the sky tileset as well as the first featuring an all-vertical segment of level, Catching a Ride in the Skies takes you using all sorts of methods of aerial transportation to get through this sky high obstacle course.

4-4 The Thwomp King's Domain - 463-W82-YNF

A concrete castle home to the King of the Thwomps? Is the concrete made up of fellow Thwomps? Is that a bit hypocritical? Regardless of these answers, this castle features corridors of Thwomps, challenging platforming, a room of rising lava, and a battle against the Thwomp King himself. Make him gravel--er, grovel at Mario's feet! 

5-1 Yoshi's Jungle Safari - 6W7-LFF-NBG

Yoshi is here and would love to go on a journey through the jungle. Of course, no stroll is complete without enemies to eat and danger to overcome, but that's exactly the kind of adventure Yoshi desires! Who is Mario to argue?

5-2 Piranha Plant Village - JLG-MDP-Q3G

Legend tells of a pipe in the jungle that leads to a secret society of Piranha Plants. Judging by the title of this level, that legend seems to be the real deal! A sprawling village with houses covered in vines and ivy, as well as Piranha Plants that make their home there, level 5-2 can be quite tricky!

5-3 The Tall Tree at Poison Pond - L91-H63-KMG 

Beyond Piranha Plant Village, deep in the jungle, lies a body of water that is deadly and toxic to the touch. Poison Pond also houses a curious mystery: how one gigantic tree thrives in its murky waters. To reach his next destination, Mario will have to scale this behemoth-sized tree to reach its top.

5-4 Pom Pom's Firework Festival - DVF-QK8-3MF

Pom Pom has done everything in her power to make sure the festival for Bowser's arrival goes off without a hitch. Though it may seem rude, Mario's about to crash this party before anything villainous can come out from it. Just be sure to get your timing down on those beat blocks!

6-1 Of Bob-Ombs and Bullies - 0NF-8BX-BGF

Talk about a cold reception! After crashing Pom Pom's party for Bowser, Mario reaches a frozen fjord that is anything but inviting. Navigate a Bully and Bob-Omb-riddled course, even using Bob-Ombs do clear the way to the finish. Just step lively when it comes to the final area!

6-2 Which-Way Manor - GPV-4XP-0MG

Part frozen, all leagues of perplexing, can Mario find his way out of Which-Way Manor? This maze level features multiple rooms and areas all meant to confuse and perplex, so it'll take some clever thinking and navigation to escape.

6-3 Scaling Mount Shiverest - 3CG-5WY-QJG

To climb to the top of Mount Shiverest is every Toad's dream, and now it's Mario's destiny to do so. Start near the bottom of the mountain and enter inside the cavernous hollows of Mount Shiverest, all the while avoiding icicles, static and loose. You can do it, Mario--there's but one more challenge in this world left!

6-4 The Great Goomba Factory - YX6-XHW-W9G

So THIS is where Goombas come from...! Time for Mario to permanently shut production down! It won't be easy, though, as produced Goombas flow from pipes, conveyor belts have minds of their own, and spikes line many of the rooms inside. Can you find the control room key and put an end to the Goomba production inside this factory?

7-1 Clear Pipe Creek - Y00-DYH-CNF

Toads used to call this creek a summer getaway, wading in its clear waters. That was until a horde of Piranha Creepers crept into the creek and made it their habitat. Navigate through clear pipes and Creeper-infested pathways to reach the goal in this standard difficulty stage.

7-2 Pipeline Paradox - WCJ-CVQ-13G

A maze of pipes stands in Mario's way. However, our portly plumber has been there and done that before, so this should be no problem, right? ..Right?! Explore the underground labyrinth of pipes, hazards, and puzzles as you find the secret to escape!

7-3 Sunken Depths of Kooplantis - RMH-LKW-F2G

Legend tells of a lost city once inhabited by a warrior race of Koopa Troopa. Now, there are but ruins underneath the ocean waves, but perhaps there's something more underwater--other than all of the enemies out to get poor Mario, of course!

7-4 Bowser Jr.'s Elite Fleet - 8WY-WJY-1SF

After a dip in the sea, Mario returns to the sky, in pursuit of Bowser Jr. who commands an entire fleet of airships. Jump along the armada of airships as you get one step... er... leap closer to a one-on-one confrontation with Bowser Jr. himself!

8-1 Chaos at Cocoa Canyon - BDY-YMN-HSF

Once a peaceful canyon, Bowser's troops have commandeered the area and have fortified Cocoa Canyon with an arsenal of enemies. In order to make it to Bowser's base Mario will have to navigate over and through this chaotic canyon in one piece. Of course, moving saws and hungry Chain Chomps will make such a task all the more challenging!

8-2 Toy Box Tower - 6LH-DHG-5CG

The Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom guard once used Toy Box Tower as their output to keep an eye on Bowser and his troops, but one day the King of the Koopa and his forces took over the tower from Toad control. Now, it's a perilous climb to the top, but it's one Mario must make if he wishes to move forward.

8-3 A Night & Day Difference - N3S-X88-NXF

Something strange is going on at this air base of Bowser's. Entering into specific pipes will not only change the time of day, but it will also bring a whole new set of challenges with it. Each "world" is parallel to one another, so use this knowledge to your advantage to get through the air base with your wits intact.

8-4 Bowser's Escalation Station - 1MK-GBN-5WF

This is it. Mario has chased Bowser's forces all the way back to a new castle, and it's time for the final showdown! What terrible tricks and trials await Mario as he steps foot inside the lava-ridden, dangerous, perilous last level in his journey? And what has Bowser been up to since his defeat way back in World One? The answers may surprise you!

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