Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SuperPhillip RPG Update Day - Dorter

Today's Tuesday which will now be known as SuperPhillip RPG Update Day! Let's check out what we have today...


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The industrial capital of the continent of Garaland, Dorter is a very busy and prosperous trade town. Ships come from all over from the Sunstar Sea making Dorter the trading destination of all goods under the sun.

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The pub's quite busy with folks from and out of Dorter.

The jewel in the Dorter crown is the Dorter Factory. However, recently the production from inside the factory has fallen to a virtual standstill. The townsfolk say that the workers are on paid vacation, yet the factory is still producing voluminous clouds of smoke. Could something be amiss?

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Lord Odin owns the town's factory. He resides in this mansion.

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The Dorter Factory.

And here's the theme of Dorter, Lahan from the Xenogears Creid album originally composed by the great Yasunori Mitsuda.

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