Monday, September 1, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Celebrating 150 videos!

Today is a special edition of SFV. I began posting videos on Youtube in late May, and from then until late August I've compiled 150 different volumes. It's not as hard or as time-consuming as it sounds. There's a little prep work that goes into it: finding the song if I don't already have it, looking up composer dating, finding pictures or videos to accompany the song, etc. If I wasn't having fun doing it, I'd have stopped a long time ago.

Volume 150 will be the only series of videos posted this time around. Yep, you read right. I said series. What do I mean by that? Read on, dear reader!


Wow. 150 videos dedicated to my favorite video game themes from the beginning of the industry to the present already! I have to admit-- gaming is my foremost hobby and I love it like nothing else. Music, music composition, and writing are probably my runners-up, so why not combine my hobbies into something I can share with the rest of the world with my limited budget and limited technology? That's what I set out to do with my Youtube series of videos inspired by the very nice SupraDarky-- to combine my love for video games with my love for their soundtracks meshed with my insight and comments. I really hope you have been enjoying my videos. I really don't mind not having an exorbitant amount of hits. As long as I can share my interests with at least a few people from around the country and around the world, I'm pleased!

Now, onto Volume 150! This is a very special entry to my list as it takes three parts to finish. Yep, for the first time, you'll need to click on two other videos to receive the full piece.

This piece comes from a series of five orchestral concerts held in Tokyo, Japan from 1991 to 1996, particularly Orchestral Game Concert 4 in 1994. This event was conducted by a wide range of composers and industry personnel including Kohei Tanaka, Nobuo Kurita, Kousuke Onozaki, Keiichi Oku, Koichi Sugiyama, Yoko Kanno (my favorite composer period), and Toshiyuki Watanabe.

This piece is a fully-realized orchestrated version of the opera scene from one of my favorite RPGs and soundtracks bar-none, Final Fantasy VI. It is called 'The Dream Oath, Maria and Draku".

Part two features Celes' beautiful aria, "Aria De Mezzo Carattere" then followed by part one of "The Wedding". Part two is in PART THREE. Did that make any sense?

The "Grand Finale" is here!

Hope you enjoyed this opera from the Orchestral Game Concert 4 CD. The five concert CDs are extremely rare, so I'll be happy to add more tracks from several more concerts in the meantime.

Direct Linkage:

Direct Link - Volume 150 - PART I
Direct Link - Volume 150 - PART II
Direct Link - Volume 150 - PART III

And finally, another special treat for you. I have compiled videos 1-50 into one continuous playlist for your listening as well as viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have sharing it!

Direct Link - Playlist Volumes 1-50

My favorites will be back next week for 150 more VGMs!

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