Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Affiliate Update - Charge Shot!!! Pierces SPC's Affiliation Armor

SuperPhillip Central!!! has a brand new affiliate in the form of Charge Shot!!! named after the famed blue bomber himself. Don't be quick to pass it off as a Mega Man site though as it's really just in name only. Charge Shot!!! is a gaming blog for reviews, editorials, articles, and other odds and ends, and it's definitely worth a slot in your favorites folder. (just don't replace it with SuperPhillip Central, am I right?)

On the other end of the affiliation spectrum, I had to remove GamePartisan from the list. They haven't had anything posted since this past fall even with staffers such as myself sending reviews to be posted, and my e-mail to the site owner fell on deaf ears (or would that be blind eyes then?). Here's hoping they bounce back since GP has a lot of promise and untapped potential!

But for now, here's to SPC's new friendship with Charge Shot!!!...!

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