Monday, March 2, 2009

Central City Census - March

These updates should have already been posted. I had them all saved as drafts, but neglected to put them up. My apologies. Better late than never, no? Let's get down to it then!

A lot less votes this months. Perhaps it had to do with this being a question only regulars would know? Regardless, my reviews seem to be the most popular followed by top tens, and then finally editorials is in third place. News and my VGMs had two votes apiece along with Other. I had used the Other as a means of giving the people who didn't know a chance to vote. I should have put "I don't know" instead of "Other".

Let's move on to March's Central City Census. I wonder what the Census wants to know of us this time...!

It's already the third month of 2009, so let's talk gaming, shall we? I'm wanting to know how everyone's year gaming-wise is going on so far. Are there a lot of titles that have interested you already? Perhaps you're just catching up on a towering backlog! How many games have you received/purchased since the start of the year?

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SpinachPuffs said...

Just Guitar Hero: World Tour for me (got it half price too!)

My gaming shopping list is set to explode soon enough though - we're talking DSi, GTA:CW, Deadly Creatures (which I really should have got by now), Blast Works and - ultimately - Wii Sports Resort. 2009 is going to be one cracking year!