Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Filbert's first review, bucko!

huh huh huh! filbert wrote this review all by himself today! so proud! i'm like a superhero already! the reviewer-- a happy-go-lucky squirrel by day, a reviewing things squirrel by night! ohhhhhhh.... that is so cool! <3

you get 50 points every time you talk to filbert or something.
i don't understand these crazy games!

did you also know that the things they make filbert say aren't true to the real thing at all, bucko? it's true! they make me out to be a goofball! can you believe that? also, every animal you talk to sometimes says the exact same thing as before or even the exact same thing that someone else already said, bucko! that is not cool! that is uncool! those people are not cool, bucko! write to them with a pen whose ink smells like donkey breath! that will show them! huh huh huh.

as for pasta, i really enjoy spaghetti and meatballs in a sour cream sauce, bucko! it really puts the hair on a man's chest! at least that's what angus told me, and he's very hairy! huh huh huh. sometimes i go to angus' house and enter in on him while he's watching his soap operas. i did not know he was so deep! you couldn't tell at all by reading his letters, bucko! oh no no no! huh huh huh.

they also don't show my real life activities and hobbies! i don't stand outside walking around town all day! only when i have too much cough medicine, but not everyday, bucko! i like to crochet, ballroom dance, play laser golf, cook chicken casserole, practice tuning my fish (tuna fish, get it? huh huh huh!), and reading my fan mail. it's a lifetime dedication, bucko!

OH NO! how did filbert post this? i'm so sorry!
i'm new to this internet! how embarrassing!

in conclusion... oh i sound like some college professor! huh huh huh. you should not support the lie that is animal crossing for the nintendo. it does not give a true representation of what it is like to live with your good friend filbert! you have to reset the game until you get filbert in town, and that could take years! years, i tell you, bucko! erase your social calendar because that would take forever! i said years, bucko, but i changed my mind. it will take forever! do you know how many strawberry quiche you could make in that time? i don't know. write back to filbert on that, bucko.

[Filbert Says: hi there, bucko! how are you doing today? you're looking live and livelier today. *yawn* you're tiring me out with your pizzazz! /10]

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