Monday, May 18, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Takin' What We're Given 'Cuz We're Workin' For A Livin' Edition

As a tradition of the start of every work-week, let's kick it off with five of my favorite VGMs. This week we have a lot of genres represented: platformer, life sim, sports, hack 'n slash, and action RPG. The music is just as varied so enjoy.

V311. Sonic 3D Blast - Special Stage

This is the Special Stage theme of the PC and Saturn versions of Sonic 3D Blast. This theme is an extremely upbeat and fast-paced jazz tune perfect for a Sonic 2-esque quest for a Chaos Emerald. While not a terrible game, it definitely doesn't feel like a Sonic game-- more like something with Sonic characters tacked on.

V312. Animal Crossing: Wild World - The Roost (SSBB Remix)

Coming originally from Animal Crossing: Wild World and also used in City Folk is the theme of The Roost, the hangout in the basement of the museum. The song tugs onto the heartstrings with its magnificently mellow melody. The version used is the Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix as it has the best quality and it's my personal favorite version.

V313. Minna no Golf Online - Wonderland C.C.

Pardon the use of a Hot Shots Golf 5 screen. I couldn't find anything for Minna no Golf Online, the Japanese only Playstation 2 game. Regardless, this course and song appeared again in Hot Shots Golf Fore. This song sounds like something you'd hear as you drive your Ferrari onto the fairway, sunglasses on, leap out, and drive your ball into the hole.... or it could just sound like what you'd hear at the Wonderland Country Club...

V314. Phantasy Star Online Episode II - Tricktrack PART 2

The second part of the second area in the second installment of Phantasy Star Online, Tricktrack puts in the mood to slay monsters, grind levels, and hope for rare drops on a space station. The song is much more fast-paced than the also excellent Tricktrack PART 1. I encourage you to check out the first part as well if I don't get around to putting it up.

V315. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - Expiration

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time seems to be a love or hate kind of RPG. The twist near the end of the game most likely didn't help things. Regardless and as usual, Motoi Sakuraba created just an exquisite soundtrack. My heart will always admire The Second Story's score more, but Till the End of Time is no slouch either. This heavy rock song is used in several of the game's dungeons throughout the game. Grating for some, "then mute the tv and shove it while I rock out" to everyone else.

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