Monday, August 24, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - X Marks the Spot Edition

As the title says, X marks this spot this week and next on SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs-- Mega Man X, that is. Ho-ho-ho! Today we're taking a listen to tracks from Mega Man X 1-5. Hope you enjoy them as much as I which is to say that you enjoy them!

v381. Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo Stage

We're returning to the format of playing ten songs from the same series. First up, we're taking a listen to Mega Man X, so charge up your X-buster or Z-saber, and let's get rocking and rolling! Armored Armadillio's stage was one of my favorite levels in the game. Rushing down the tracks of the mine on top of a cart, blasting baddies and trying to survive.

v382. Mega Man X2 - Wire Sponge Stage

Before Wire Sponge was the first Maverick I took on. Nowadays I go after Wheel Gator always first. Still, there's great nostalgia I have towards this level-- some form of weather containment center or what have you. It's been so long I don't remember. Regardless, this is a pleasant-to-hear song for Wire Sponge's stage.

v383. Mega Man X3 - Cast Roll

Coming from Mega Man X3, it's the game's staff theme. This one is my personal favorite of any Mega Man games, and I used to anticipate beating the game just so I could listen to it over and over again. Now I don't have to with the advancement of technology!

v384. Mega Man X4 - Slash Beast Stage

Slash Beast's stage takes place on a moving train something we'd see again in the next X game with Crescent Grizzly's stage. Mega Man X4 is one of my favorite games in the series alongside Mega Man X and X2. Here's a theme perfect for blowing away baddies while riding a futuristic choo-choo.

v385. Mega Man X5 - Spike Rosered's Stage

Mega Man X5 started the downhill trend in Mega Man X games. It was a blast, but I really, really hated how the names of the Mavericks were dumbed down and later just called their Japanese names. Spike Rosered's stage takes place in a jungle area with a soothing soundtrack accompanying it. Listen and enjoy.

Catch you next week for part two of our look at Mega Man X with X6, X7, X8, and two ZX songs!

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