Monday, September 14, 2009

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - 400th Video Edition

We wrap up our listen to the Final Fantasy series with Final Fantasies six through ten. This also marks the 400th video of my series of favorite video game music and soundtracks.

v396. Final Fantasy VI - The Phantom Forest

Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games in the series. The Phantom Forest plays not only in the titular area, but also in several caves throughout the course of the game. It's a haunting yet poignant track fitting for the areas.

v397. Final Fantasy VII - Highwind Takes to the Skies

Don't hate me for this, but Final Fantasy VII did nothing for me. To this day, I don't like the game, but I do appreciate the soundtrack all the same. Here's the airship theme from Final Fantasy VII.

v398. Final Fantasy VIII - The Landing

Final Fantasy VIII is the only PS1 era Final Fantasy that I completed and thoroughly enjoyed. I think I should give IX another chance, however. Have a listen to this track from FF8.

v399. Final Fantasy IX - Cid's Theme

The majestic theme of Lindblum! I have memories of playing Final Fantasy IX on the old PS1, and the load times were very long. I think it had to do with the PS1 of mine being the original model. It made battles much longer than they had to be.

v400. Final Fantasy X - Battle

This marks my 400th volume of SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs. Huzzah! I brought champagne for the occasion, but I doubt everyone watching is above legal age. This is the peppy battle theme from Final Fantasy X. I couldn't stand the hero, so I didn't play through the whole game. Now that most heroes nowadays are space marines, I'm missing the whiny brats as heroes now.

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