Thursday, November 5, 2009

Central City Census - November

The month just flies by when you're taking time off, no? Let's check out October's Central City Census results. These will be far more interesting than the New Jersey and Virginia governor elections, but not as maddening as the denial of the same-sex marriage law in Maine.

Man, that's one sexy census. The Wii's cheaper, but the majority of the voters already own one. Three of you will be picking up a Wii as first time buyers, two of you are rebellious enough to be buying a second, and three of you either stopped caring or don't care for the Wii. No one who sold a Wii before will be buying a second one. This is very interesting. I think I will jump to a senseless sensationalist conclusion on this like a certain owner of a certain Nintendo fan site. Perhaps not.

Are you left-handed or right-handed? lulz! ^_^ Anyway... The holiday season is here which means game publishers will stupidly put as many big-name games into one month as possible, oftentimes resulting in disappointment for most. This November is no exception, mind you. Which of the following big-name titles are you most looking forward to this November? Be hasty as my census can get very impatient.

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