Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SPC Mailbag - January 27th, 2010

Welcome to the middle of the week here at SuperPhillip Central. I'm back in school, so that means I have less time to devote to posting new entries on the site. I aim to do at least five a week. At the very least, Monday through Friday. Though the picture uploader runs incredibly slow at the school, so they might be without pictures until the weekend when I head home. Regardless, let's reach into that old mailbag and see if we can find a gem or two to answer!

What's your opinion on Microsoft and Sony's new motion control systems?

At the moment I couldn't care less. There's no games. These new hardware already have the disadvantage of coming out years into the current generation, and it's a known fact that it's not the hardware that sells the software. It's the other way around. So unless Microsoft and Sony unveil some games, it's hard to be excited for potential.

Furthermore, it's not a good sign when Natal and Arc are supposed to come out at year's end yet there's no information on any games. Arc has some titles in development by Sony with names but no information and some games getting patch support for Sony's Wii remote competitor, but that's it. So case in point, I have to see the games before I give a true opinion. Though those who are suddenly excited about motion controls now that they're on their personal platform of choice bug the heck out of me.

Do you think it's too late for hardcore third party games on Wii to sell well?

In a word, yes. I think having the first three years of the Wii's life having nothing of a value to the so-called hardcore has a lot to do with the consumer abandoning the Wii for hardcore gaming... unless the games are from Nintendo themselves. Now the quality of third party games are much higher but still nowhere near their HD contemporaries, but I feel that the consumers who would have purchased these games quit trying to find good third party games of the hardcore variety. They went to the HD consoles for that. I think it's too little too late now, and third parties will want to reassess how they do business and make games on Nintendo's next console.

You used to post a list of games you were planning on reviewing for the next month. Why did you stop?

Good question, and I'm surprised anyone noticed. Anyway, I found it was very difficult to play through all the games I listed. I generously added a lot of games that I couldn't possibly play in one month, so it was always a tentative list. I feel that just keeping the reader in suspense over what I review alleviates any pressure on me to do each and every review I have planned. Hope that makes sense.

Why did you start SuperPhillip Central?

I originated as a reviewer for GameFAQs. I found I liked doing reviews so much that I wanted a place that could be a compendium of all my reviews. Alternatively, I enjoy writing a great deal. It's one of my passions as is gaming, so I figured why not combine the two with this blog? I do this plainly as a hobby, but if a job offer ever came up, I'd probably jump at the chance knowing me.

Zip the mailbag back shut because we are finished with it for now. If you have a question or comment you'd like to send me, hit me up with an e-mail at Until tomorrow, have a pleasant evening, everyone.

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