Monday, February 1, 2010

Central City Census - February

Welcome to the start of a brand-new month. Didn't we just celebrate Christmas and New Years? I digress. Let's check out January's census before we move onto February entirely.

It appears the majority of SPC readers thought the Wii had the best year while coming up at second place was my pick for console of the year, the PlayStation 3! The Xbox 360 took third place with twenty votes whereas the DS earned fourth place with fourteen votes. Meanwhile, the bottom choices were PSP and PC with PSP served with the least amount of votes. Even with the PSPGo and great new releases, not a lot of fans of the PSP on SPC. With that, here's February's Central City Census.

We just finished with the console of the year voting, but what about the game of the year? Based on my picks for game of the year, which game was your personal favorite?

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