Monday, May 24, 2010

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - New and Improved Edition

It's new and improved this week because I changed video editor software. Camtasia Studio's trial ran out, so I switched to Windows Movie Maker. I like it a lot more actually, and it's free compared to the $200 you have to cough up for the full version of Camtasia! The fun starts at VGM 563, but don't skip the first two. They're just as good. This week SimCity 3000 returns, Sonic speeds onto the scene once again, and Fox McCloud and company ride onto the list in their Landmaster. But wait-- there's more! Enjoy this all-new video structure to its fullest!

v561. SimCity 3000 - Central Park Sunday

City life is always tough for a country boy. The pollution, the traffic, the big buildings, the one way streets-- it can seriously be threatening for a person. I don't know where I'm going with this as I was born in the suburbs. SimCity 3000... it's a game about building and managing your own city. Cool concept with an excellent execution.

v562. Mega Man ZX - Green Grass Gradation (Arranged)

This version of Mega Man ZX's Green Grass Gradation comes from ZX Tunes, a rearranged and remixed album featuring all of the works from the original DS game. I like the clear and crisp techno themes represented here. It's perfect for running, gunning, and making your way through the game's confusing world map.

v563. Sonic Advance - Secret Base Zone - Act 2

We have a whole new look now for SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy this song-- which is to say a lot. It's the second version of the Secret Base Zone's theme. It's much more fast-paced for those crazy loop-de-loops. Did you guys happen to like Sonic Advance? I thought it was one of the better 2D Sonic games for sure.

v564. Star Fox 64 - Titania and Macbeth

The song for the Landmaster vehicle in Star Fox 64, Titania and Macbeth are the two planets where the off-road tank is used. I happen to love these levels, Macbeth more so. Star Fox 64 still reigns as the champion of the series after the competent and fun Star Fox Assault and the not very good Star Fox Command.

v565. Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Sky Garden

Not to be confused with Donkey Kong Jungle Beat's level of the same name, Sky Garden is a sky high course built on top of the clouds. With no railings, it can be easy to fall off if you don't know what you're doing! One well-placed mushroom can have you skipping over one-fourth of the track if you know when and where to use it!

How'd you like the new structure of the videos? Let me know in the comments section. Until next week, we bid adieu to my lovely, lovely VGMs!

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