Monday, January 3, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - The First Batch of 2011 Edition

It's a new year, but that doesn't mean the good old favorites are changing! No, in fact, they are pretty much staying the same in structure. Nor has it changed that there are five more lovely VGMs I have to share with you this week. It's been a long time since the VGMs have been around, so here we go!

v621. Star Ocean: The Second Story - Let's Walk in a Parade

This theme is the theme of Fun City taking place on the second disc of Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution. The area of the game is a casino/amusement park area full of colorful shining lights and bunnies galore. C'mere, bunny! Motoi Sakuraba does a brilliant job creating the audio atmosphere to this trippy town.

v622. Banjo-Kazooie - Final Battle

The bear versus bird war comes to a partial end in Banjo-Kazooie for the Nintendo 64. Who will win? Spoiler: Banjo and Kazooie win. The battle takes place a top Gruntilda's tower as you fire eggs and peck Gruntilda till she finally submits in this multi-part, multi-stage battle. I remember playing this game for ten hours straight as a rental from Blockbuster. I remember how difficult that witch was with the limited health I had stored up. Ah, memories...

v623. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Bowser's Galaxy Generator

We return to Super Mario Galaxy with a heroic theme showcasing Mario's soon-to-be ultimate encounter with the dastardly Bowser. While this final level didn't eclipse the original Galaxy in my opinion, it still was quite good as a final level for a showdown with Bowser. Notice how the theme is more Mario overcoming Bowser than just a generic Bowser final level theme.

v624. Perfect Dark Zero - Subway Retrieval - Descent

We haven't heard from Ms. Dark in awhile, and we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so here we are with a track from Perfect Dark Zero, my favorite launch title for the Xbox 360. Some call it horrid, I call it awesome-- especially the multiplayer modes. The maps were large and begged to be explored, and the single-player campaign was a joy to play-- though fiendishly difficult. This song is heard in the Subway Retrieval mission. It's Subway Retrieval - Descent.

v625. Sonic Unleashed - Empire City Day/Night

Sonic Unleashed was a half a good game. The Sonic Daytime stages were pretty good whereas the Nighttime portions of the game blew chunks to put it kindly. The soundtrack, however, was undeniably excellent with great songs and catchy beats. Such an example is Empire City's hub. This is a two-fer once again. We haven't had one of those in awhile. It's the Day and Night versions of Empire City. Enjoy.

And that does it for this 2011 debut of SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs. Join us next week where Mega Man, Squall Lionheart, and more will make their own new year's debut!

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