Monday, March 14, 2011

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Winter's Grasp Edition

Even though the official start to spring is in but a week or two, snow is on the ground here in Central City. That won't stop me from posting my favorite VGMs, however, rest assured! This week's lineup includes some new-school and old-school classics from Sonic Colors, Breath of Fire, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Let's do it to it!

v676. Sonic Colors - Asteroid Coaster Act 3

We've heard Act 1 of this theme back in VGM 634. Now we listen to a more intense version of said theme in Asteroid Coaster Act 3. In Sonic Colors, each zone had six acts. Some were long levels that longtime Sonic fans were accustomed to, while others were short, puzzle-like levels. You could literally beat one of these aforementioned acts in less than a minute if your wheels were really burning. Sonic Colors marked a turning point in the 3D Sonic games. It was unarguably good. The same can't be said about past efforts. Will Sonic Team keep this streak of great games up? Knowing Sonic Team, no.

v677. Star Fox 64 - Zoness

Zoness was an industrial planet covered with an ocean of green water. You had to complete the annoying Aquas in order to take on the green rapids and mechanical machinery of Zoness. The soundtrack of Star Fox 64 seems like an orchestral score. It isn't actually orchestral, obviously, but it's a very cinematic soundtrack-- like a movie. Star Fox Assault would take that cinematic experience a step further by introducing actual orchestral music with remakes of preexisting themes including Katina, Meteo, and Sector Y. Get ready for a second-helping of Star Fox 64 when it hits the 3DS some time this summer.

v678. The World Ends With You - Give Me All Your Love

What a selfish bitch. The World Ends With You was a unique DS JRPG where you battled on both screens at once. The story featured some truly annoying characters that you just wanted to strangle from the emo, Neku, to the constant douche, Joshua. None of that stopped me from completing the game. By using pins that unleashed attacks by certain stylus gestures, you could attack foes both big and small. Battles were not random. You got to choose which batch of baddies you wanted to battle. All-in-all, a great RPG in a stale genre. To get back to the song, Give Me All Your Love is a j-pop styled theme.

v679. Breath of Fire - Sara

Sara is the sad theme played whenever something somber happens during the game such as the aftermath of the beginning town being set ablaze by the Dark Dragons, the titular theme character dying in battle with her brother, or Alan and the once-evil Cerl turning into children thanks to the power of the TimeKey. If any of those are considered spoliers, tough. It's a twenty-something year-old game. You should have played it by now. Regardless, this theme as a child brought tears to my face. Perhaps it was the combination of the forlorn tune and the game events.

v680. Donkey Kong Country Returns - Treetop Rock Returns

Treetop Rock was a theme heard in the treetop levels featuring barrel cannons and Kremlings alike. The returns theme is a remixed version of the theme by Dave Wise. What did you think about Donkey Kong Country Returns? Did you think waggle to roll was a hindrance, or did it not bother you? For me, I only disliked the rocket barrel levels, and even then, those were a blast! Pardon the pun. Even the new Tiki tribe was a refreshing take on the franchise. Here's hoping a second Returns game is in the works. I'm down for it, and hopefully the masterful Retro Studios is, too.


As quickly has winter has gone by, the VGMs, too, have disappeared. They return, however, next week with five new themes for your listening and viewing pleasure. If you're interested in more musical goodness, check out my Youtube channel, SuperPhillip32! Until then, adieu!

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