Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Central City Census - February

Are you familiar with the Central City Census? It's a poll that is opened all month long and just begs for readers both faithful and one-timer to vote, expressing their opinion on it. Since February has the least amount of days in its month, even in a leap year like 2012, there's even less time to vote. Why am I wasting your time with formalities?! Let's get to last month's results-- quickly!

How many games are in your backlog (collection of games not yet played)?

Less than five.
10 (19%)
6-10 games
10 (19%)
11-20 games
7 (13%)
20-30 games
4 (7%)
More than 30 games
21 (40%)

Votes so far: 52

Christmas and other holidays must have been kind to our readers as their backlogs are overflowing with games. The majority of voters have at least thirty games to play through and possibly counting. On the other end of the spectrum, twenty voters have anywhere between 0-10 titles in their backlog. How I sort of envy and don't sort of envy them. Nonetheless, that wraps up the results from the first month of 2012. What question will be asked by the Central City Census for February?

The PlayStation Vita launches in North America and Europe this month. Perhaps you already have one imported from Japan (or even live in the Land of the Rising Sun-- hi from America!)... February's census asks if you are going to purchase a PlayStation Vita at any time. The launch titles are certainly there, but will anybody be biting?

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