Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Banner Kind of Day at SuperPhillip Central

There have been two banners in modern SuperPhillip Central history. You can view them below. The question I pose is which do you consider the better of the two? I like both, so I'm no help.

My second question regards my ineptitude with art programs on the computer. I do not have Photoshop or the skills needed to create an actually incredibly brilliant banner. The two banners I frequently cycle through were made by me in MS Paint. Would anyone be so kind as to make a new one? I only require that it uses the SuperPhillip character and/or match the general color scheme of this blog. I can provide the character art if necessary. Thank you for your time and your continued reading and support of SuperPhillip Central.


Parko said...

I prefer the pixel SuperPhillip. As for image software, you may want to try GIMP 2. It has features similar to Photoshop, including transparency.

I'd try, but I don't have an idea at the moment, if ones comes up I'll give it a go.

Reggie White Jr. said...

I like both of those banners. I'm not too good at making banners for my own blog so I just go to my father for that stuff.

coffeewithgames said...

I actually like the current banner, just because it shows off the hat and shirt logo well.

I was using an older Microsoft program, Picture IT when I first started my site, but also have GIMP 2 downloaded and many other open source programs.

I'm not very "artistic" myself, and the current banner I'm using was created by someone else.

GIMP 2 seems to be pretty popular, but I'm not very familiar with it.

Rhythm Heaven Fever Guy said...

I prefer the old banner, but I may be able to cook up something. I'm not that great at art programs myself but I'm somewhat competent.

Unknown said...

I combined my Colors! 3D painting with the banner. How does it look?