Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SuperPhillip Central's Four Year Anniversary!

Four years ago on this very day, SuperPhillip Central went from being posted on a message board forum to being revitalized in a big way on a blog. Since then over 1,500 individual entries have been posted, over 300 games have been reviewed, over 150 different articles, editorials, and top ten/top five lists have been shared. Speaking of sharing, I'd like to share some of my favorite articles over the past four years.

A Decade in Gaming - Games of the Year
Adieu, Xbox 360... 
Best Boss Battles in Gaming History:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six  
Best of The Legend of Zelda
Best of Mario Kart
Bowing Out From Xbox: Why I Will Not Be in the Market for Microsoft's Next Console
Classics I Can Return To - Part One
Classics I Can Return To - Part Two
Great Levels in Gaming History:
Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
Volume Four
Volume Five
Happy 15th Anniversary, PlayStation. 
Killer Soundtracks - My Personal Favorites, Part One
Killer Soundtracks - My Personal Favorites, Part Two 
Killer Soundtracks - My Personal Favorites, Part Three  
Mini-Games: A Little Bit of Awesome 
Rated "M" for Misnomer 
Rank Up! God of War
Rank Up! The Legend of Zelda
Rank Up! Nintendo Consoles
Report Card - Nintendo Wii
Report Card - Sony PSP
Report Card - Xbox 360 
Terms in the Industry That Are Overused

Top Five Game Boy Advance Ports
Top Five Game Hubs
Top Five Gaming Peripherals
Top Five Golf Games of the Current Generation
Top Five Innovations of This Generation
Top Five Kart Racing Games
Top Five Sitcoms
Top Five Spider-Man Games
Top Five Super Mario Galaxies
Top Five Tennis Titles 
Top Ten Favorite Franchises 
Top Ten First-Party Nintendo Wii Games 
Top Ten Hand-held Games of 2011
Top Ten Mario Kart Tracks
Top Ten Mega Man Robot Masters
Top Ten Rivalries in Video Games
Top Ten Games of All Time - 2012 Edition
Top Ten Super Nintendo Games
Top Ten Third-Party Exclusives on Wii
Top Ten Towns in Video Games
Top Ten Under-appreciated Wii Games
Top Ten Video Game Villains
Top Ten Wii Games Under $30
Xbox - Ten Year Anniversary 
Zero Vitals: Why I Am Not in the Market for the Vita... Yet  

I look forward to serving the video game community for as long as I can possibly do. Here's to our fifth year anniversary next year!

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