Sunday, August 12, 2012

LinkWithin Is Now Linked Within SuperPhillip Central!

How about an exciting (to me) new feature on SPC to kick off the week? Many blogs including our friends Digitally and Coffee With Games have implemented this feature, so I finally pulled my head out of the sand and did the same for mine. If you have ads blocked on SPC, I don't think you will see the new feature (at least it didn't work for me). There are no ads here, so there wouldn't be a need to block anything here anyway.

Nonetheless, LinkWithin's function provides three past SuperPhillip-made-and-approved articles that you might find intriguing at the end of every entry here at SPC. It isn't disruptive or detracts from the site at all, I believe. I hope you agree, and I hope you enjoy checking out an article or two you may not have even known about. I know I saw some that I only remembered writing when I saw them, and they were relatively recent ones, too! I'm getting old...

A sample of what LinkWithin does.

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