Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 2012 NPD Results

For those of you that are unaware, the NPD Results are a monthly look at what games sold the best during the past month. This is basically the only real news I do on SuperPhillip Central aside from new screenshots and trailers that tickle my fancy. The way I see it is that you can go to thousands of other sites for news. You can't go to thousands of other sites for my opinion pieces. That's sort of how smaller sites get attention, so I laugh when someone suggests that I should be ashamed that all I do are opinion pieces. That's the main way I get an audience. Regardless, here are the results of August 2012:

The best-selling individual SKU for August was New Super Mario Bros. 2. Well deserved - you can read my review to see why. Darksiders II, however, in all combined SKUs received the most sales with around 250,000 units sold across three platforms. I'm happy to see Kingdom Hearts 3D on there, but it seems apparent that the abundance of spinoffs without a true Kingdom Hearts III across multiple platforms did the series little good.

It's painfully obvious that the generation has dragged on far too long. You don't even need to be a quack of an analyst to guess that. I don't know if the Wii U will inject some much needed enthusiasm into the industry. It seems gamers, publishers and developers, and the gaming press have already done their best to write the system off. We'll see if they get it wrong again like they did with the original Wii.

Nonetheless, do you know what generally pisses me off with a lot of gamers I see on message boards? When they celebrate a good game or platform not selling well. How is that funny or awesome at all? I saw it with people regarding the 3DS XL and Sleeping Dogs, and I just thought the same thing that I think to myself on a now-daily basis, "A lot of gamers are *insert colorful language here*." True story.

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Anonymous said...

Wait, when you mean "they celebrate a poor-selling game or platform", does that mean they actually mock and ridicule it?