Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Buzz - November 20th, 2012

It's almost been two months since our last look at the most popular posts on SuperPhillip Central. Time to bring The Buzz back! What posts are you guys perusing the most? Let's find out together!

 November 20th, 2012
Buzz results
What a peculiar sight, I say with a drenching of sarcasm. Why, Rank Up! - God of War is number one on the list. It's without a doubt the most popular story ever written on SuperPhillip Central. The Rank Up! series in general is quite regarded fondly, as evident by two other editions (Mega Man and 3D Mario) being listed. My latest opinion piece regarding gamers and their negative attitudes towards failure in the industry sparked a lot of controversy, but then people actually read the article and not just the title. Then we have another familiar sight on the Buzz, a Spider-Man top five list. Some wonder why so many sites do lists. It's not out of laziness. They're actually great for skimming. This gets people to sit down and read your list. They're also fun to write for me personally. Two SuperPhillip Favorite VGMs segments are on the Buzz today as well. If you're missing my VGM segment, it will appear this week, just at a later day than normal. Additionally, you might be wondering why a niche PSN game is on this list of popular posts. Turns out hamster owners looking for something for their pet to run around the home in will see Hamsterball the game as one of the images in a search for "hamster ball." Finally, Pushmo QR codes and the latest installment of the SPC Soapbox round out the Buzz.

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