Monday, January 14, 2013

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Countdown to 300 Edition

Can you believe we're already approaching the 300th VGM? I wonder what it will be. No, seriously. I have no idea what song I want to choose for it. Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Today we have five more VGMs to listen to, including music from Super Mario Galaxy, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy VII!

v291. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - Floater Land

Floater Land is not a theme that is heard a lot in the original Super Mario Galaxy. If memory serves me correctly, it only appears in the Buoy Base Galaxy, which only has two Power Stars to collect. That's a shame, too, because Floater Land is one of my favorite themes from the game with its outer space feel and big brass.

v292. Chrono Cross (PS1) - Another Arni Village

Arni Village is the hometown of the main character of Chrono Cross. However, Another Arni Village is a place in another world. The theme for the town is quite beautiful with piano and guitar sharing time in the spotlight. Yasunori Mitsuda really amazed his work on the Chrono Cross soundtrack, and this theme is just one small testament as to why.

v293. Star Fox Assault (GCN) - Star Wolf

Star Wolf debuted in the tremendous Star Fox 64. They returned in the GameCube's Star Fox Assault, and this time around they had a fully orchestrated version of their theme to blare during their appearances. I cannot get enough of the trumpet in this version of the piece. On the whole, the Star Fox Assault soundtrack is one of the GameCube's absolute best.

v294. LocoRoco 2 (PSP) - muimui

We've previously listened to a track entitled "buibui", so now we listen to a track called "muimui." The piano leads off followed by some Alvin and the Chipmunks-esque singing. The theme is insanely catchy and perfectly fitting for the cute world of LocoRoco.

v295. Final Fantasy VII (PS1) - Descendant of Shinobi

One of the most lovely character themes of Final Fantasy VII comes from a character that is easy to miss, a secret character, if you will. Descendant of Shinobi is the theme of Yuffie. Her song is quite folksy with a peppy beat to it. Although I'll always love Final Fantasy VI's soundtrack the best, you can't argue that Final Fantasy VII's music isn't great.


Next week we will be witnessing the 300th VGM. Until that time, why not check out all VGMs prior to that one with my VGM database?

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