Monday, March 25, 2013

SPC's Favorite VGMs - The Awakening Edition

SuperPhillip Central is back with a new week of content. We hope you're ready, willing, and able to find some time to spend with us, listening to some great video game music. On today's docket, we have music from Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi's Mansion, and Sonic Generations.

v341. Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) - Id (Purpose)

Fire Emblem: Awakening finally released in North America last month, and if you could find a copy (no thanks to shipment problems), you probably enjoyed the game. Our neighbors across the ocean have yet to get the game, but perhaps hearing some music from the game will make their wait shorter. Actually, it will probably make the wait even harder. Sorry, PAL pals. Didn't think that one through. Id (Purpose) is a terrific and dramatic track with a deep choir backing it. It's one of my favorite tunes from the game.

v342. Luigi's Mansion (GCN) - Main Theme

Speaking of Nintendo 3DS games, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon came out yesterday, and the Year of Luigi has officially kicked off. We recently retro reviewed Luigi's Mansion in anticipation for the game. You can see that review here. Why not continue the celebration with a track from the GameCube original? The way Luigi hums along with the track is adorable and quite humorous at the same time.

v343. Sonic Generations (3DS) - Casino Night Act 2

We go from the plumber in green to the hedgehog in blue with Casino Night Act 2 from the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. The 3DS game had its own set of zones specific to it. However, the end product was much less reliable as a fun time with poor level design and some insanely frustrating sections. This jazzy iteration of the Casino Night theme gives me the feeling of being in New Orleans.

v344. Kirby Mass Attack (DS) - Kirby Collecting

Kirby Mass Attack continued the pink puffball's love of starring in experimental and innovative games on handhelds. Kirby saw multiple released on the Nintendo DS with Kirby Mass Attack being the final game, and one of the system's last big titles. It featured up to ten Kirbys working together to take down colossal foes and adventuring through colorful levels. If you haven't tried the game, you should, as it comes with several unlockable mini-games that could be their own standalone titles!

v345. Fortune Street (Wii) - Title Screen

Fortune Street is the first entry in the Itadaki Street franchise to reach Western shores. In PAL territories it is known as Boom Street. No matter what you call it, you will get Monopoly-inspired property-purchasing, stock-buying-and-selling, and auction-winning. Yes, the rules take some getting acquainted to, but once you do, you will be wheeling and dealing with the best of them.


This edition of SPC's Favorite VGMs has reached its conclusion. If you are amiss because you want more music, then check out the VGM Database where every song every mentioned is there.

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