Thursday, May 2, 2013

Help Support SuperPhillip Central. Donate Today.

SuperPhillip Central started out as a pet project of yours truly way back in June of 2008. It's been a long but exciting time dedicating myself to posting new content every weekday for nearly the past five years, sometimes forgoing schoolwork and a social life to bring you new articles, editorials, lists, reviews, and interviews. Since then, I've expanded the site's content and even accepted some off-and-on contributors. (Hence why I use the terms "we", "our", and "us" a lot lately.

Rather than post disruptive ads on this site, I have made my decision to add a donate button on the sidebar, just underneath the Central City Census. It is my hope that you like our site enough that you will feel compelled to donate some money our way. We've worked really hard on this site for a long time, and we'd really appreciate your support. Through getting Paypal we can see about upgrading the site to something better, or possibly getting new games on a faster basis for review when our PR contacts cannot give us review copies.

Give as much or as little as you can, but only give if you like this site and can afford to donate. Its your support that makes doing this site so rewarding to me personally. My contributors and I hope that SuperPhillip Central will be going strong for five more years and on, and we hope that you'll be with us for the journey. Thank you for reading.

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