Sunday, June 23, 2013

Animal Crossing Journal - Under Construction Edition

Phil here with another edition of my Animal Crossing Journal-- New Leaf style! Last week I talked about my humble beginnings as the mayor of Central and introduced my vision for the village. Now it has been two weeks, and I'd like to update you on my progress, starting with my home.

I went ahead and had Tom Nook upgrade my house several times, adding a second floor, a basement, and a back room. Somehow I'm the mayor, yet I feel like I am still under Tom Nook's nefarious control. He must be stopped. He has ties to the raccoon mob-- I just know it!

One of the first public works projects I worked on and contributed all the Bells to was the fountain. It is located directly in front of the town hall. I think it looks nice, surrounded by colorful red and yellow roses.

The second major non-bridge project I wanted to take care of was to make a park. I paved the sidewalk using a custom design and started construction on a yellow bench. You can see the before and after of what we, the citizens of Central, did.

Directly to the right of the bench, I added a street lamp to light up the darkness at night. Not as if there are any troublesome people or any sort of crime in Central, unless they are crimes against fashion, which some denizens are prone to have.

Since it's summer, it seemed like an opportune time to devote some Bells to a campground for out-of-town tourists and visitors. I look forward to meeting new animals who stumble through Central, and perhaps even play some games with them.

One of the more recent public works projects was the establishment of the Dream Suite, allowing Central's citizens to take a nap and venture into a dream where they can visit a town of their choosing. Although they can wander around the towns, any changes they perform on the town will not be saved. It's just like it was a dream... which it was!

The latest project completed was a park clock, placed just to the right of the town hall fountain. If you ever need to know what time it is and are not bright enough to bring up the in-game clock, this park clock will suit your fancy. I know I turned some heads coming to the opening ceremony wearing my Samus helmet. Fortunately, the only snickering came from Lyman, who is already on my list. I can't say what list that is because it's incriminating.

Here are some shots of Central's mayor, me, wandering around the town I helped build with my two small little hands.

And finally... talk about a non sequitur!

Your words say no... but your face says yes... I must think clearly on this before I act. Oh, the woes of being a mayor and having the maturity of a 12-year-old...

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