Monday, September 16, 2013

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGM - Is There A Big Game Coming Out Soon Or Something? Edition

Seriously. What's coming out tomorrow? Nothing big, right? We have no clue, but the internet and gaming community are both in uproars. Maybe we aren't that knowledgeable on gaming after all. In all seriousness, if you can tone down your hype for Grand Theft Auto V (if you even have any), we have our weekly lineup of five video game songs to share. There's Mario, Sonic, and even some F-Zero X to have some fun with! Let's get started!

v461. F-Zero X: Expansion Kit (64DD) - Rainbow Road

F-Zero X: Expansion Kit was a release that only occurred in Japan. In fact, the 64DD, an add-on to the Nintendo 64, only released in Japan as well. That's a shame, too, because as kids we remember thumbing through an old Nintendo Power and seeing coverage of this game, totally hyping us up. We had dreams of creating our own tracks, something the Expansion Kit possessed. Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road made an appearance in the vanilla F-Zero X, but this theme only showed up in the Expansion Kit version.

v462. Mario Sports Mix (Wii) - Koopa Troopa Beach

While we approach the official end of summer in North America, we have Koopa Troopa Beach to listen to from Mario Sports Mix. The game was based off the foundation of the Nintendo DS's Mario Hoops 3-on-3, but it was much more improved and offered three other sports.

v463. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) - Never Let Up!

Yoko Shimomura is some kind of musical goddess. Her work with the majority of Mario RPG games is hard to top. This boss theme from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team starts out very uptempo, but then it gets decidedly darker, shifting to a minor key. It's a terrific song to battle the baddies on Pi'illo Island.

v464. Sonic Rush (DS) - Raisin' Me Up

Dimps did well on the Game Boy Advance with their trio of Sonic Advance titles. Shifting to the Nintendo DS, they had extra real estate to work with in the form of a second screen. They utilized both to create levels that stretched to both screens. The composer from Jet Set Radio used his skills to create the fantastic soundtrack for Sonic Rush. This ending theme is inspirational and just darn catchy.

v465. Project X Zone (3DS) - Wanderer Road

Project X Zone was a game that many thought would not release in the West (us included). To our surprise it did. However, the actual game wasn't the most exciting one ever devised. For every cool character that would join your squad, there was a tedious and repetitive chapter to wade through. Wanderer Road is the theme of the two main characters of the game, characters who were made specifically for the game.

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