Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing A Very Promising Kickstarter: The Interactive Canvas!

If there ever was anything that could be considered a labor of love, this upcoming project by Digitally Downloaded's Editor-in-Chief Matt Sainsbury is definitely such a thing. The argument over whether games can be considered art has been debated time and time again, but the Kickstarter in question plans to create a book featuring interviews with a profusion of different developers-- big and small-- speaking of each team's creative inspirations and how each has their own interpretation of how video games indeed have artistic merit. Such names already featured and interviewed include: American McGee (Alice Returns), Jonathon Blow (Braid, The Witness), Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), among many more announced and those that have yet to be announced.

To read even more about this very intriguing Kickstarter and to support it with your donations, check out this link. Very few times do we at SuperPhillip Central endorse Kickstarters, but this is one that we also feel passionately about, just like the author and interview subjects that make up this hardcover book project. Please give if you can to see this project come to life!

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