Friday, September 19, 2014

Localizations, Please! Tokyo Game Show 2014 Edition

Welcome to Localizations, Please! This reoccurring segment on SuperPhillip Central takes games that, as far as I know (I do as much research as I can muster, but I'm definitely imperfect), have not been confirmed to be coming out in my neck of the woods, North America. If this were baseball, I'd have a good batting average regarding how many games I request for that end up getting localized. Let's hope the same is true, so the games on this special Tokyo Game Show 2014 edition don't stay stuck in Japan!

Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4, PS3)

At Sony's pre-TGS conference, Dragon Quest Heroes was saved for last. It really was awesome to see a Dragon Quest game, of any type, mind you, coming to a PlayStation platform after all of these years. However, Dragon Quest Heroes is not meant to be a mainline game. It doesn't have turn-based battles or anything like that. Instead, it's noted more and emphasized as an action game first and foremost. The game is under development by Omega Force, a development team within Tecmo-Koei who has a history of Musou games under its collective belt. The most recent of which is Nintendo's own Hyrule Warriors.

Dragon Quest Heroes has a nebulous release time of simply 2015 for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3. Not only am I personally eager to learn more about this game, but I am eager to learn of localization for the West, such as North America, Europe, and Australia.

Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS)

Well, this title is very familiar... Oh, yeah, I just posted the Tokyo Game Show trailer for it earlier this evening! All coyness aside, Final Fantasy Explorers takes the series into cooperative multiplayer action against monsters and creatures that should be easily identifiable to anyone who calls themselves a fan of the franchise. Take over the role of one of many job classes, battle with friends, and defeat beasts both big and small in this Monster Hunter-influenced game. Impressions from TGS say that Final Fantasy Explorers is most similar to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles than anything else seen in the series before. This makes Phil a happy boy, and you can probably imagine what would make me even happier-- a localization announcement!

The Great Ace Attorney (3DS)

With a premise that is as intriguing as the series's commonly mysterious court cases, The Great Ace Attorney is a game in the Ace Attorney franchise that takes the series's chronology into the end of the 19th century, decidedly much earlier than fans were expecting! The Great Ace Attorney centers around an ancestor of the usual protagonist for the series, Phoenix Wright. Not only that but Phoenix's ancestor comes across the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and even teams up to solve a climactic case. The Great Ace Attorney will thrown in all of the improvements and additions to the series that Dual Destinies debuted, making this one Ace Attorney game that I cannot afford to miss out on!

Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden (Wii U)

While The Great Ace Attorney is all but a lock for localization, Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden for the Wii U isn't at all. Now, some might surmise that with the release of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir in the West that Nintendo is interested in getting the Fatal Frame franchise outside of Japan. Then one could argue that since the Wii U is desperate for any type of game right now, a localization of Fatal Frame V would be a smart bet. That said, ever since Nintendo started bankrolling installments, the main games have yet to see a release outside of Japan. From the Nico Nico presentation of the game in mid-July, Fatal Frame V looks to a mightily scary game that would be a terrific addition to the Wii U's lineup and overall library.

PoPoLoCrois Bokujou Monogatari (3DS)

If PoPoLoCrois sounds any bit familiar to you, it's probably because the series has been around for a quite awhile, most recently having a PSP entry. Already from has been shown, the series's aesthetic has been transported over to the 3DS splendidly! PoPoLoCrois Bokujou Monogatari will have traditional command-based RPG action, an enhanced presentation, and a marvelous world to explore. This game has XSeed Games localization written all over it, and I would definitely enjoy the chance to try it out. Maybe next summer if the Japan release comes out soon?


There you have it-- five choices for games that I would love to see localized. What about you, dear reader? Which titles with no localization announcement for your location would you like to see/hear/read/etc.? Give me a holler in the comments section!

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