Monday, January 19, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - 800 Reasons to Celebrate Edition

Yesterday it was a review milestone with SuperPhillip Central's 550th review. Today it's another milestone-- this time it's the 800th VGM volume! This week I have music to share from Yoshi's New Island, Super Off Road, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! If there are no objections, time to get this VGM party started!

v796. Yoshi's New Island (3DS) - Main Theme

While not in the same league as the SNES original Yoshi's Island, the Nintendo 3DS game Yoshi's New Island brought with it competent platforming filled with secret areas. The true challenge of the game was in finding all of the collectibles and then taking on the massively difficult bonus levels. Yoshi's New Island took a Yoshi's Story approach with the soundtrack, creating multiple level themes based off the same theme.

v797. Scribblenauts (DS) - Medieval 2

Scribblenauts was a great idea that was poorly executed. That said, subsequent sequels really put the promise of the series to good use. What the original Scribblenauts lacked in quality gameplay, it more than made up for with a superb soundtrack, something that is quite common for all entries in this 5th Cell-developed franchise.

v798. Super Off Road (SNES) - Set Up

Top-down racers that had players controlling vehicles were a hot commodity in the NES and SNES eras of gaming. Super Off Road was one of the better titles featuring that sort of gameplay, and Set Up is energizing theme to get you ready for an exciting race.

v799. Mr. Driller (Multi) - Speed of Light

Go Shiira is one of Namco Bandai's greatest composers, if not the greatest. His work on such series like Ace Combat, Gods Eater, and Mr. Driller are second to none. Okay, that may be pushing it a little, but Go Shiira's work is darned good.

v800. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS) - Pursuit ~ Cornered

HOLD IT! Did you know that this the Phoenix Wright series's debut on SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs. It's true. Or maybe I'm lying. You should use the sleuthing and attorney skills Phoenix Wright gives you in order to find out the answer... or just know that yes, this is the first time Mr. Wright and company have appeared on SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs.

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