Monday, March 9, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Darkness and Brightness Edition

Welcome to a new work week at SuperPhillip Central. As I generally like to do on Mondays, here's another dose of VGM goodness! With this edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs we start out dark with the Nintendo 64's Perfect Dark, and then quickly change to a brighter disposition with Mario Tennis Open, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Mario Party 9, and finally, Rune Factory: Frontier.

v826. Perfect Dark (N64, XBLA) - Crash Site Confrontation

Perfect Dark remains one of my favorite first-person shooters around. It was the game that introduced me to the genre, and it is just a well-rounded game with great gunplay, level design, objective design, and multiplayer options. The soundtrack is sensational itself, too. This theme plays during the eponymous mission after Air Force One has crashed with protagonist Joanna Dark needing to find and rescue the President of the United States in a snowy Alaskan wilderness.

v827. Mario Tennis Open (3DS) - World Open First Match

There's two opinions to Mario Tennis Open, much like sides of the net. One dislikes the Simon Says style gameplay while other doesn't really mind it. While I'd prefer a traditional tennis gameplay, Mario Tennis Open delivered a good time for me, which I know isn't a popular thing to say. However, I think we can all agree that Motoi Sakuraba's soundtrack for the game is quite good, such as this theme for the World Open's first match.

v828. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) - 1 PM

Imagine yourself in a randomly generated village in the country, surrounded by talking animals. It's afternoon and the wind is gently blowing under a sunny, partly cloudy sky. This is a possible scenario in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, one of the best time-killers in the Nintendo 3DS library. Each real world hour presents the player with a different theme. Obviously enough, this 1 PM theme plays during the 1 PM hour.

v829. Mario Party 9 (Wii) - Bob-omb Factory

With Mario Party 10 hitting the Wii U in a couple of weeks, I figured it'd be a nice opportunity to bring up its predecessor on Wii, the aptly titled Mario Party 9. Mario Party 10 borrows a lot from its predecessor, including the all-in-one vehicle board progression. I'm sure much like Mario Party 9 that this first Wii U entry in the series will sport a catchy soundtrack full of great tunes like Bob-omb Factory, the second of six boards in Mario Party 9.

v830. Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii) - Autumn

Huh? Someone has gotten autumn in my almost-spring. Nevertheless, Rune Factory: Frontier's Autumn theme is so good that I'll let it pass. Each season in Frontier plays out as one would expect. Winter has snow-covered grounds, summer is full of hot weather, and so forth. If only the game didn't have the horrid Runey system, I might have ended up really enjoying Rune Factory: Frontier. Well, at least I really enjoy the relaxed soundtrack!

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