Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bubsy 3D (PS1) Preview

Today is a special day for SuperPhillip Central. This is the first ever preview of an unreleased game that I have the opportunity to talk about. It's Bubsy 3D, and like previous games in the series, it's truly something special. However, I only got to play the first level, despite the demo being a near-final build. Here are my impressions of Bubsy 3D.

Move Over Mario

I recently went to San Francisco press event where select members of the media got to try out a near-final build of Bubsy 3D, one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. The event took place in a dark warehouse where there was the smell of iron and passed out prostitutes on the floor, drowning in their own waste. It created an ambiance that clashed with the cute, cartoon visuals and appearance of Bubsy 3D. Something tells me that that was intentional, as Bubsy 3D itself is a testament to video games being art. It seems to me that the statement the event holder was saying was that even in the darkest, most depressing of areas, happiness (Bubsy 3D in this case) can prosper. And boy, did it prosper with my time with the demo!

So far, in the near-final build I played, Bubsy as an avatar controls incredibly tightly. Bubsy can turn on a dime, move in a seemingly unlimited amount of directions, and can even jump! The latter helps in reaching higher areas and platforms that Busby otherwise wouldn't be able to reach.

Bubsy 3D features a world that will have you always
wondering what's over that hill, even after getting over it!
While other games are just platformers in name, Bubsy takes it literally, and that is such a breath of fresh air. Floating in the air are actual platforms. Yes, this isn't a game like Super Mario 64 which tries to hide that it's a platformer by creating a realistic world. No, Bubsy 3D is proud to be a platformer, and I can't thank the developers enough for this change of pace.

Bubsy's back, and this time it's personal!
Bubsy 3D further sets itself apart with its visuals and art design, which are top notch indeed. Bubsy 3D goes for a very minimalist approach, and this is no doubt an ode to an artistic sentiment that less is more. Textures are simple, featuring a checkerboard pattern, and geometry is very basic. This all adds to a visual identity that is wholly original and easy on the eyes.

Creativity like making the pause menu say "Paws" is just another
 in the ingenious line of development decisions in Bubsy 3D.
The sound effects exude with a combination of realism and cartoon aesthetics. I giggled every time Bubsy made a sound when he jumped and while listening to the super catchy music. Bubsy 3D is a wholly interactive animated cartoon, and the presentation is especially to thank for that.

Continue or quit? Do you even have to ask!?
Unfortunately, my time with Bubsy 3D was cut off short due to the sounds of police sirens in the distance, and the event holders yelling for everyone to get out while they quickly took all of the demo machines apart. However, I think I'm not using hyperbole here when I say that Bubsy 3D is going to be something that players will not forget, and it will have an infamous mark on gaming history. You can quote me on that. Please do, actually, because it'd be awesome for one of my quotes to be on the game box.

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