Monday, April 20, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs - Bookended by Final Fantasy Edition

Hello everyone! It's your blogger friend Phil here with five more themes from the world of video games! It's of course time for SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs, dishing out even more superb sounds for all to enjoy.

This week I have selected tracks from five more games. We will start off with an awesomely orchestrated classic theme from Final Fantasy VIII, and then we'll move on to some Spanish flavor with music from the indie hit Guacamelee! Moving on from there, we dive into two unique platformers, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg and Puppeteer. Finally, we wrap up this edition of the old VGMs like we started, with a track from a Final Fantasy game, this time Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles!

If you're just joining the site or want to listen to past songs selected by yours truly, check out the SuperPhillip Central Favorite VGM Database for all the great video game tracks I love and cherish!

v856. Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) - The Man With the Machine Gun (Orchestrated)

We start this edition of SuperPhillip Central's Favorite VGMs with one of my favorite orchestrated pieces in Final Fantasy history, The Man With the Machine Gun. This peppy and empowered piece goes from techno and electronic to bold and daring with its big brass and sensational strings. It makes for a cherished orchestral version of a classic Final Fantasy VIII tune.

v857. Guacamelee! (Multi) - Temple of War ~ Rain

Guacamelee! is a Metroidvania game, and that genre of 2D platformer is no stranger to the indie scene. However, this game is one of my favorites in the genre with its great level design, awesome use of moves in not just to reach new areas but also to defeat foes in combat, and luchador styling. Temple of War ~ Rain gives listeners a Spanish flavor with its guitar while also delivering a nice mix of electronica into the fold as well.

v858. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (GCN) - Volcanic Orchestra

Tomoya Ohtani was the main composer behind Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, and his name should be quite familiar to those who have listened to more modern Sonic the Hedgehog games, such as Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and Sonic: Lost World. Ohtani and his merry band of composers including Mariko Namba did a great job creating a colorful soundtrack to accompany the colorful world of Billy Hatcher.

v859. Puppeteer (PS3) - Danger

Patrick Doyle composed the music for Sony's Puppeteer, a cute and quaint 2.5D platformer that stunned in its presentation and did rather well in its gameplay as well. Perhaps my greatest complaint with the game is its constant interruption of the gameplay with its presentation and storytelling. A little story goes a long way in a platformer, kids!

v860. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GCN) - When the Northern Sky Is Clear

The theme of Rebena Te Ra, one of the final areas in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the Nintendo GameCube, When the Northern Sky Is Clear is accentuated by backing vocals and a xylophone ostinato. The level itself is a confusing maze filled with powerful monsters that only the brave and bold can conquer.

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