Monday, September 14, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Super Mario Maker Levels - Part One

For those uninitiated, Super Mario Maker just released on the Wii U this past Friday, at least in North America. SuperPhillip Central will have a review later this week. The game allows users to create, design, play, and share each others' levels with a worldwide audience in an official capacity. The interface is way well done, making it easy to tinker around with and create a level in a fast amount of time. Now, of course, whether that level is actually good or not is totally subjective.

With this planned reoccurring segment, I will be sharing the levels SuperPhillip Central has created and spent time on trying to make as great as they can possible be.

For this first edition, there are eight levels to share. I'll include the name, some screenshots, a description, and of course, the code to find and play the level online. After you've seen SPC's creations, please share your own in the comments section!

Level 1-1: Beginner's Basics - 297E-0000-0016-C715

This level is a breeze to beat, with just a handful of problem spots for beginner players. I didn't want it to be a total non-challenge, after all. Run through the plains, collecting coins, watching out for enemies, and complete the final section of level, a narrow area with pipes to worry about.

1-2: Cavernous Complex - 4C4F-0000-0017-47CD

Taking place entirely underground, this cavern has a secret spot where a star is, allowing you to run wild through one of two paths. Watch out for a cross section full of Piranha Plants, gaps in the floor leading to nothing but lost lives for Mario, and keep your cool in this cavern. Can you find the hidden 1-up?

1-3: Mushroom Heights - 7B22-0000-0018-B2F3 

Take a run (and jump) above the land with this beginner precision platforming course requiring a cool, calm, and collected state of mind. From floating platforms to flying Red Koopa Troopas, the name might sound like a subdivision, but the course is anything but a stroll.

1-4: Bowser's Castle 1 - AEFE-0000-001B-D589

Bowser has holed himself up in his first castle for Mario to try to conquer. Make perilous, death-defying jumps over scalding hot lava, avoid fire bars and Podoboos, and try to find and collect all three secret 1-ups. If you manage to make it to the finish, your reward is an audience with the King of the Koopas, Bowser!

2-1: Piranha Plant Parkway - 1A39-0000-0021-2788

This level is anything but a walk in the park... way. The path is full of Piranha Plants, both fireball-spewing and not. If you survive the initial two-thirds of the level, you're doomed to tempt fate and enter the final Piranha Plant pipe gauntlet near the end. You can do it. Keep calm and carry on!

2-2: Donut Lift Caves - 4F43-0000-002B-06B1

Journey into the underground with a cave that introduces donut lifts. Mind your footsteps, as staying too long on a lift will cause it to plummet below, taking anything on it below in the process. Things start out simple enough, but by Donut Lift Caves's conclusion, you're going to have to deal with donut lifts and Red Paratroopas over a massive bottomless pit.

2-3: Lakitu's Towering 'Shrooms - 52B4-0000-0035-26D8

Mingle with mushrooms in the form of platforms in this level. Just be on the lookout for Lakitu and his two twin brothers, who call this area of the Mushroom Kingdom their home!

Special World - 1: P-Switch Panic! - C3D2-0000-0036-F996

Run and jump along the clouds. Actually, move it, move it, MOVE IT! It's a constant race against time as you run from P-Switch to P-Switch, creating platforms out of coins within seconds. A tip for this level is to watch out so you don't accidentally pick up P-Switch when you run near it.

As you probably noticed, it's like SPC's making its own version of a Mario game with Super Mario Maker. Level creation is something that has always fascinated, so it makes sense that there'd be an addiction somewhere with creating and building levels, right?

But we're not done here yet! We want to play YOUR levels! Share your creations in the comments section below, and we'll give them the once-over! Heck, if we REALLY like them, we'll give them a twice-over! Seriously!

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