Friday, September 25, 2015

SuperPhillip Central's Super Mario Maker Levels - Part Two

For those uninitiated, Super Mario Maker just released on the Wii U a couple of weeks ago, at least in North America. SuperPhillip Central reviewed the game with high marks. The game allows users to create, design, play, and share each others' levels with a worldwide audience in an official capacity. The interface is way well done, making it easy to tinker around with and create a level in a fast amount of time. Now, of course, whether that level is actually good or not is totally subjective.

With this planned reoccurring segment, I will be sharing the levels SuperPhillip Central has created and spent time on trying to make as great as they can possible be.

For this second edition, there are nine more levels to share. I'll include the name, some screenshots, a description, and of course, the code to find and play the level online. After you've seen SPC's creations, please share your own in the comments section!

Check out part one here.

Level 2-4: Bowser Jr.'s Elite Fleet - F72E-0000-003A-8AD0

Bowser Jr. is getting away, but Mario won't let him as he makes chase in both air and land in this slow auto-scrolling level. Avoid cannonballs, Rocky Wrenches, and fire jets as you make your way to Bowser Jr.'s chamber.

3-1: Make Note of Note Blocks - 7990-0000-005E-1CF6

Previously much harder than this newer version, Make Note of Note Blocks introduces note blocks into the fold, offering many opportunities for bouncing from both you and enemies. This newer version of Make Note of Note Blocks removes various gaps from the level and adds new note blocks and pipe formations to make it more manageable.

3-2: Cheep Cheep Lagoon - B768-0000-0048-A03B

The first water level of this series of creations, Cheep Cheep Lagoon lacks a central gimmick. It's more of an introduction to swimming, offering schools of Cheep Cheep to worry about, stalking Bloopers, and a hidden exit for those skilled in exploration.

3-3: Boo Roulette's Horror House - 7918-0000-0042-D173

Be careful of the carousel of Boos haunting this horror house! Patience is indeed a virtue for getting passed these ghostly creatures. Can you find the way to the exit? Otherwise you might return to the same room over and over again!

3-4: Kamek's Magical Castle - 4DF3-0000-0054-46D3

Kamek is third in command in Bowser's Koopa ranks, and his castle full of Magikoopas makes for a very dangerous place to stand around in. Use the Magikoopas to your advantage to get through this chaotic chaos so you can take on Kamek at the end.

4-1: They Might Be Giants - 94F5-0000-005A-1367

There's no question-- they ARE giants! Full of giant enemies, this level requires you to use their gigantic proportions to move through the level, all the while making it so you don't find yourself on the wrong end of a spinning shell.

4-2: Waltz of the Giant Wigglers - 60CB-0000-005B-5272

This garden and cave system are what the giant wigglers call home. Be careful to not disturb them, but at the same time, sometimes it's impossible to avoid them. Maybe you can even jump on their backs to get across otherwise hazardous areas?

4-3: Aerial Antics - E248-0000-005E-43B7

Aerial Antics is an aerial obstacle course where falling down is generally a great way to lose a life. Moving platforms, careful jumps, and pinpoint precision are what Aerial Antics is all about! Be sure to watch out for spikes that seem to want to do nothing but ruin a play-through of this level.

4-4: Bowser's Thwomp Room - EDE5-0000-006D-B910

It's been four worlds before Thwomps are introduced? Maybe that's a good thing, as they're placed in some truly tricky locations in this castle obstacle course. Deal with Thwomps both normal and big in this daunting castle leading up to a grand showdown with Bowser.

As you probably noticed, it's like SPC's making its own version of a Mario game with Super Mario Maker. Level creation is something that has always fascinated, so it makes sense that there'd be an addiction somewhere with creating and building levels, right?

But we're not done here yet! We want to play YOUR levels! Share your creations in the comments section below, and we'll give them the once-over! Heck, if we REALLY like them, we'll give them a twice-over! Seriously!

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