Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Best sports games for your Nintendo systems

Although Nintendo may be more well known for its fantasy platform games, it has some great sporting titles too. So if it's a little too cold outdoors for a game of football or golf, why not try some of these fun sporting simulations on Nintendo platforms?


Those looking to emulate their soccer favourites could do a lot worse than play the highly-addictive FIFA 15 football simulator.

The game for 3DS featured hundreds of clubs and thousands of players with supposed 'emotional intelligence' that provided many hours of entertainment, but it was the improved touchscreen controls for shooting and passing that really marked this game out as one of the best.


Although we may think of the 3DS as being better suited to frenetic action games, the Mario Golf: World Tour game delivered the most fun version of golf currently out there. With access to an impressive range of courses and the ability to train in the Castle Club, it made top level golf look relatively easy.

One criticism was that the game could have included more levels, but those looking for extensive real-life golfing action should follow the Ryder Cup and PGA Championship news at and get some golfing tips to try on their return to the Mushroom Kingdom.


If there's one game that's seemingly designed for the 3DS, it has to be tennis. And the Mario Tennis Open game certainly delivered more than its fair share of high-octane sporting fun with many different shots to choose from and a good range of characters with their related playing styles.

The game featured a variety of different courts with clay, grass and sand, as well as the chaotic black hole option providing more than a little drama to the standard game of tennis.

American Football

Although Nintendo may be renowned for pushing their technology to the limit, they may have taken on a little too much with their Madden NFL Football game. Although the game offered a pleasingly familiar representation of the sport through the 3DS' controls, most American football fans may have felt a little short-changed when it came to the stats offered by the game.

Despite such shortcomings, Madden NFL Football provided an easily playable and enjoyably immersive take on this most brutal and chaotic of sports.


And finally, whilst many may question whether the world needs a fishing game on their Nintendo 3DS, the Reel Fishing 3D Paradise game provided dozens of fish to catch in a variety of different terrain that all went to show just how versatile this little gaming device could be.

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