Thursday, May 12, 2016

Localizations, Please! Nintendo 3DS Edition Part 3

This month is dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS. This is the third May in a row where the 3DS has gotten the most attention on SuperPhillip Central. While the majority of content will be in review form, there are some special editorials and articles dedicated to Nintendo's stereoscopic system on the way.

One such article was posted on Tuesday, another edition of the Most Overlooked Nintendo 3DS Games. Today we're going to be focusing on the Nintendo 3DS again, but instead of games already released, we'll be checking out those Nintendo 3DS games that are currently stuck in Japan. Localizations, Please is back for its third Nintendo 3DS-focused edition!

It's pretty gratifying that the majority of games featured in past Localizations, Please editions have actually come over to the West, or have at least been announced to be coming to the West. To get a refresher or crash course on such games, please check out past installments of Localizations, Please.

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Dragon Ball: Fusions

Not too much is known of Dragon Ball: Fusions compared to the other games on this Nintendo 3DS edition's list. However, the main element of the story is that you play as the hero, and you have the ability to travel to a world which is devised up of many locales and time periods from the Dragon Ball franchise. Essentially, any character can be met thanks to this world. Thus, with a special ring, you can fuse with other characters, or have other characters fuse with one another, creating traditional fusions like Gogeta, or brand-new, more ridiculous ones like Karoly, a fusion between Goku and Broly. The visuals from released scans look super impressive, and the art style and design is less realistic and more cartoony, a style I really appreciate. Dragon Ball games generally get localized, so I'm hopeful along with a whole legion of Dragon Ball fans that Fusions will be localized for the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.

Etrian Odyssey V

Enter a land called Arcadia, filled to the brim with swordplay and magic, in Etrian Odyssey V. Well, at least enter it once a localization announcement and Western release have both happened. With Etrian Odyssey V it's more of a question of when than if a localization announcement by Atlus will come. Still, it doesn't mean I can't list this game on Localizations, Please anyway! With four races, 10 classes, an abundance of character customization options, and the same enjoyable dungeon-crawling gameplay the series is known for and does superbly, Etrian Odyssey V looks to be an incredible and worthy sequel to the long-running series that debuted on the Nintendo DS. The Japanese release for the game is early August, so here's hoping a localization announcement isn't too far after... or maybe even before. Nah, I'm getting greedy!

Puzzle & Dragons X

The Puzzle & Dragons series first appeared on the Nintendo 3DS a year ago with a twofer package: one featuring an all-new story with new characters and the other featuring the Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom cast. Puzzle & Dragons X is the next in the series hitting the Nintendo 3DS, offering the similar yet addicting match-3 puzzle battles the series is well known for, as well as an authentic RPG style story mode where players will not only level up their monsters but also the hero of the game. Packed with an impressive 500+ monster roster, Puzzle & Dragons X is shaping up to be one fantastic puzzle-battle adventure that I would love to see get a Western release. Hop on it, Nintendo and GungHo Online Entertainment!

Culdcept Revolt

The Culdcept series is an action-packed board game featuring cards as the main gameplay element. The upcoming ten-year anniversary release of the series, Culdcept Revolt for the Nintendo 3DS was announced back in November, and this week it received a release period: this July. This new installment of the franchise features greater accessibility for new players, faster play, over 400 cards with half of those being new, and plenty of other goodness. Many here in the West would love to see the game released on this side of the world, especially after watching Nintendo's 20+ minute Direct featuring lots of footage from the game.

Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack

While Azure Striker Gunvolt has already released in the West and its sequel featuring two protagonists is set to launch over on this side of the Pacific as well, the actual physical release that combines the two games on one game cartridge has yet to be announced for the West. As someone who is a major proponent of physical releases (gotta have something tangible for the shelf, after all!), the idea of having both games on one card is highly appealing. I can only imagine how many other collectors of Nintendo 3DS games feel the same way. Plus, it's always nice to free up some space on the ol' SD card. Regardless, not only would a Western release of the Striker Pack be worthwhile, but it'd also be sought after by collectors like myself. Here's hoping Japan doesn't hog the physical version of both Azure Striker Gunvolt games for itself!

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