Friday, May 27, 2016

Super Smash Flash 2

The following article is a sponsored post from Furg Games.

If you still remember the fun you had with that 8 bit gaming, you would like the Super Smash Flash 2. You can play it on your PC, and interestingly, has been made by fans for non-profit. You would find every little part of your childhood here, from the Mario you've spent your first few years with to Pokémon's Pikachu, which kept you company in your middle school. You can also unlock characters as you progress through the gameplay.

The game itself runs on Flash, and is published on Furg Games, and has a huge fan following. Unlike the original Super Smash Flash, which was in many ways a spin-off of the Super Smash Bros. Melee by Nintendo.

About the Game

Super Smash Flash 2 has different modes to choose from. You can train with any of the characters available in the game, and believe it or not, there are quite a few! You have Sonic, Pikachu, Mario, Zelda, or even Naruto and Goku to choose from!

Your job is to knock out your opponents off the screen, and you have a percentage counter that will increase as you keep knocking off your enemies. The higher your percentage factor, the easier would it be for you to beat your opponent.

You also have the Stadium mode, where you would need to hit different targets that involve you going around the stadium hitting different targets.

The Online option helps you play against your friend and there is even a Group battle option where you could battle it out against a friend.

The Multiplayer option is really effective since it does not use a P2P connection like most games. Instead, unless you choose the 'High Latency' option, your game is loaded to the server using Adobe RTMFP technology, so that you do not have to deal with disruptions while playing.


The gameplay is much like those other 8-bit fighting games you have played before. The fan-made project offers a number of customizations, and you can choose your characters and events. It is easy to play the game right on your PC, though it might take a while before you adjust to the PC buttons. Some of the basic controls include crouching, jumping and moving around, much like the Mario games of before. Thankfully, the game does support USB controller gameplay, so you could just attach one of them to your PC and start gearing up.

You can choose from different stages - more than 30 - and which interestingly also includes one Nintendo 3DS, where your characters fight on top of the Nintendo device.

The Battle Itself

As many as four players can compete against each other in the game, and the battles can be quite enthralling The attacks are interesting for one. We made Mario do everything from shooting power balls to jumping all around and even using his handkerchief to defend himself. There are of course the standard actions of kicking and punching that you can use to beat your opponent. At one time, Mario nearly fell of the edge in our Meteo Campaign stage, barely holding himself to the edge with his hands - which actually makes this a better game than the original Nintendo series even when it comes to the gameplay.


We love the music and the gameplay. There are tons of characters to choose from and different stages. You would love the different abilities of each character, and the game actually fares a lot better than many of today. If it's nostalgia and some serious fun that you're looking for, we would suggest you to try this game out. As McLeodGaming states, the game is and always will be free - and we're sure you wouldn't get a better fighting game that brings back your childhood.

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