Thursday, October 2, 2008

October Nintendo Game Conference (Japan) News and Information

What a satisfying conference. A lot of nice stuff coming out. We'll see if there's anything worth mentioning at the North American conference later today.

Here's a recap of the events at the Japanese conference courtesy of NeoGAF.
Nintendo DSi
- 3.25 inch screens (DS = 3 inch)
- Has an inside and outside camera, 0.3 megapixels
- Has SD slot on right-hand side.
- Has onboard memory
- Comes with web browser
- Comes with app to detect some DS hotspots
- Has Apps store like iPod
- Apps are free/300/500/800 points
- Other apps include an app that allows you to make flipbooks using the cameras
- No GBA slot
- 18900 yen
- 1000 points for free if you buy before march 2010
- Possibly minorly upped resolution
- November in Japan, 2009 elsewhere.
- Black and white versions.
- DSi operating system

New Software:
- DS Pedometer, Miis on DS
- Mario and Luigi 3 - play as Bowser for some of game
- 3d Picross
- World Foods
- (?) Possibly Big Brain Academy 2?
- Let's Tap by Prope.

- storage solution involves making SD card easier, coming in spring 2009
- you get 500 points if you help a friend set up their wii online
- wii comes with video explaining wii online functions

Wii Software:
- Punch-Out Wii
- Trace Memory Wii looks EXCELLENT!!!!!!
- Sin and Punishment 2
- Endless Ocean 2 - MEGA PENGUINS!!!!!
- Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors) coming to Wii.
- Animal Crossing Wii interacts with AC DS
- New mainline Tales of.

- Wii getting re-releases of GCN titles. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Not ports. Do not appear to have waggle or any changes. Not ports. Re-releases. Should be budget. Starting with DK Jungle Beat and Pikmin.
You can watch the two game montages (Wii and DS 2008 and 2009 software) here.

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Kyle said...

I thought the conference was pretty damn awesome and should have been what Nintendo did at E3, oh well... I'll definitely be picking up a DSi. The GC remakes series (what was it? Let's Play Wii or something) sounds pretty cool as some of the titles listed I missed out on...