Monday, October 13, 2008

SuperPhillip's Favorite VGMs - Back in the Saddle Edition

My favorite video game tracks are back where they belong, on Mondays. This week we have some colorful music from five colorful games: Mario Hoops, Viva Pinata, Beautiful Katamari, Diddy Kong Racing, and Sonic R. Sounds like a full lineup this week, so let's get it underway.


We have four songs here this time-- a four-fer if you will. Holy moley, I'm going to have a 26-fer at this rate. Regardless, I just decided to cram four unique tracks from Mario Hoops 3-on-3 in one. Why prolong it over three other videos in the future?

I've decided to combine three separate tracks into one video since they're all relatively short, and they're also similar in theme. These tracks alternate with nine other day songs through daytime gameplay in Viva Pinata. After all, who wants to listen to the same song each and every day?

"Sayonara, Rolling Star" is a vocal track from the eclectic mix of music known as the Beautiful Katamari soundtrack. The game wasn't a breakout hit neither critically or financially, but it was still somewhat enjoyable.

Here's another song from Dave Wise's Diddy Kong Racing soundtrack. It's not only the theme for the road and water track of Crescent Island, but it's also used as the second credits theme.

This vocal song is from the Sonic R soundtrack. While I don't think it fits a Sonic racing game at all, by itself it's really a happy and excellent tune. You can tell it's going after the Euro-pop market, but it really doesn't matter. I like it all the same. It's the type of song that gets you out of a bad mood... or maybe back into one depending who you are...

Direct Linkage:

Direct Link - Mario Hoops Medley

Direct Link - Day 1, 2, and 3
Direct Link - Sayonara Rolling Star
Direct Link - Crescent Island
Direct Link - Feel the Sunshine

Well, that closes yet another edition of my favorite VGMs, but if you lie awake at night yearning for more, why not check out my
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