Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wii Music Demonstration - Hey, come back here, you!

Wait. Wait. Wait. Don't ignore this blog entry! Don't let those bitter tears of the hardly core gamer drown you with their angst! Wii Music is actually good! Don't believe me? Don't see how that is possible? Take a gander at this demonstration by J.C. Rodrigo to see what it's all about. Who is J.C. Rodrigo? Why, he's... I don't know! I do know that he should have been showing this off at E3 instead of Cammie Dunaway (no matter how nice of a person she is). Perhaps this video will give you those of you who aren't interested or just flatout detest it, some insight on why I'm personally interested. Regardless, I hope to review this game. It will probably be next month though.

"Hello there. I am the direct link. Give me and this video a chance by clicking on me. I won't get aroused by you clicking on me. Honest."

Don't believe it? See what these NeoGAF users had to say!

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